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Wrapper around libcsv

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A wrapper around the native csv parser libcsv.
Only supports reading using foreach right now.

== Benchmark

This is a terrible benchmark reading over 1,000,000 rows of relatively simple data, it works for now.

          user       system     total       real
Chugalug  1.240000   0.060000   1.300000 (  1.292274)
          user        system    total       real
FasterCSV 14.480000   0.130000  14.610000 ( 14.616919)
          user        system    total       real
CSV       60.880000   0.110000  60.990000 ( 61.042582)

== Usage

Chugalug.foreach(file) do |row|
  puts row.inspect

== License

Copyright 2010 Josh Ferguson, based off of libcsv which is licensed under the lgpl.
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