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Perl module Time::ETA

This is source code for Perl module Time::ETA.

I want to use it!

The GitHub repo contaings the source code for the module Time::ETA. Before going to CPAN the source code is being converted, so if you need to use the module you should take it from CPAN:

I want to develop it!

Glad to hear it! =)

This a GitHub repo You can fork it, make your changes and send me a pull request. I will accept it, or I will write why I'm not accepting it.

You can use GitHub Issues to report a bug or a feture requst, or just discuss something about this module.

You can contact me directly by email

I have questions!

There is a doc on CPAN: If you can't find the answer, please ask by creating new GitHub issue at

And of course you can send me direct email

Some usefull links

The main doc for this module is at CPAN:

There was some discussions on perlmonks:

And some discussions on stackoverflow:

And I use to work on this module: