a module for CmsMadeSimple used to integrate the wonderful jQuery-File-Upload
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jQuery File Upload For CmsMadeSimple

The best JQuery file upload tool for the best Cms.

  • Specially designed for front-end.
  • Easily integrated and highly configurable even with FEU.

This module is based on the project jQuery-File-Upload. More information on http://blueimp.github.com/jQuery-File-Upload/

Exemple of use :

{JQueryFU number='4'}

List of parameters

  • (optional) accept_file_types="'/.(txt|gif|jpe?g|png)$/i'" - Regex of the files extensions that are allowed.
  • (optional) number="99999" - Number of files that can be in the uploads directory at the same time
  • (optional) max_width="0" - The max width for the images uploaded. Exemple : max_width=150
  • (optional) max_height="0" - The max_height for the images uploaded. Exemple : max_height=150
  • (optional) min_width="0" - The min width for the images uploaded. Exemple : min_width=150. By Default : min_width=0
  • (optional) min_height="0" - The min height for the images uploaded. Exemple : min_height=150. By Default : min_height=0
  • (optional) clean_name="true" - if true, will replace accents, spaces and other spacials caracters by some more clean
  • (optional) dir_path="/uploads/jqueryfu" - the directory used to upload files. Be carefull, use "/" or "" into Unix or Windows system
  • (optional) dir_url="/uploads/jqueryfu" - the url used to display uploaded files
  • (optional) template="full" - The name of the template. Are allowed : "full", "basic" and all the templates into the "/modules/JQueryFU/templates" directory


you can test this module on my website


You can download CmsMadeSimple on this page

You can download the module on this page