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Version 0.3.x Read More

Please, read the manual for upgrading your version.

Version 0.3.3

  • ADD : [ORM] add new function to transform OrmEntity into array
  • ADD : [ORM] add new functions SelectCount/Min/Max/Sum/Avg ByExample
  • CHANGE : [ORM] minimal version of cmsms is now 1.11.12
  • CHANGE : [ORM] new autoloading (thank you Calguy1000)
  • FIX : [ORM] PHP notice in admin panel
  • FIX : [ORM] PHP notice when throwing exception
  • FIX : [ORM] fix possible flaw in OrmTrace
  • FIX : [ORM] fix error with OrmDb::createIndex()
  • FIX : [ORM] fix error with generation of Unique-Index
  • FIX : [EXTENSION] fix bug in name of generated files
  • FIX : [SKELETON] fix bug with cmcmsms V2.x

Version 0.3.2

  • ADD : [ORM] implement Tiny/ Small and Big Integer. Read More
  • ADD : [ORM] Add function OrmDb::getBufferQueries() to debug the MySQL stack executed [Read More]
  • ADD : [ORM] Add new level for log between debug and info : SQL
  • ADD : [EXTENSION] add a new module to externalizing the generator & the checker
  • ADD : [ORM] add error when the log can't be written.
  • CHANGE : [Skeleton] upgrade method to be commented Read More
  • CHANGE : [ORM] allow nullable Field + default value
  • FIX : [ORM] PHP Catchable fatal error: Object of class converted to string - [...] Read More
  • FIX : [ORM] Parameter set multiple times in FK query Read More
  • FIX : [ORM] updateEntity ignores int 0 values due to empty() function Read More
  • FIX : [ORM] findByExample fail with OrmCriteria:IN used because array values is not appened to the query Read More
  • FIX : [Generator] Add input field to path proposed for entity file save Read More
  • FIX : [Generator] Fields array seems to be dumped to the screen Read More
  • FIX : [Generator] File saved with success ! => message visible at all time Read More
  • FIX : [ORM] Module wich extends ORM can not be loaded if it hadn't any entity declared Read More
  • FIX : [Generator] OrmCAST not set for DOUBLE or FLOAT type Read More
  • FIX : [Generator] Null values not generated correctly Read More
  • FIX : [ORM] Entity with PK of type string musn't generate *_seq table Read More
  • FIX : [ORM] fix catching of SQL Exception
  • FIX : [ORM] fix bug with LIMIT word
  • FIX : [ORM] fix bug with new beta2 of cmsms
  • FIX : [Generator] fix name of file generated
  • FIX : [Checker] fix bug in the functionality "checking"

Version 0.3.1

  • ADD : new apidoc available here
  • FIX : [Core] Fatal error: Class 'OrmCache' not found in [...]class.OrmCacheNone.php Read More
  • FIX : [Skeleton][PHP5.3] Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in [...]class.entity.commentSkeleton.php Read More

Version 0.3.0

  • ADD : Composite Primary Key Read More
  • ADD : Virtual Alias to allow multiple FK pointing on multiple PK
  • ADD : Autoload the list of entity in AK Field
  • ADD : Autoload the entity in FK Field
  • ADD : function to convert $params to Entity Read More
  • ADD : A sqlException is thwrow instead the classique Exception Read More
  • ADD : function populateFields(xxx) to populate manually all distant entity inside one/more entity (AK/FK/alias)
  • ADD : function populateAKField(xxx) to load manually a list of entity inside a AK Field
  • ADD : function populateFKField(xxx) to load manually an entity inside a AK Field
  • ADD : function populateAliasField(xxx) to load manually an entity inside a Alias
  • ADD : function in admin of Orm to generate the PHP code of a DB table Read More
  • ADD : function in admin of Orm to compare an Entity and its table in DB Read More Read More
  • CHANGE : in a entity loaded (findBy*) the AK Field is not an array on Id anymore but an array of Entity
  • CHANGE : in a entity loaded (findBy*) the FK Field is not an Id anymore but an Entity
  • CHANGE : Improve the "IllegalConfigurationException" when errors is thrown Read More
  • CHANGE : rewrite the constructor part for each module (again... ) Read More
  • FIX : [Core] save() must not distinct update/insert with an id null/setted Read More

Version 0.2.x Read More

Version 0.2.2

  • ADD : Improve loading of classes in Orm ** /!\ your Module's constructor must be changed ! Read More
  • ADD : Improve Junit
  • ADD : ByExample functions now support "OR" condition
  • ADD : Permission in the admin panel of ORM
  • FIX : errors during installation
  • FIX : ByExample $IN functionality was not correct
  • FIX : $BETWEEN value was not correct
  • FIX : int value 0 skipped as considered as null in updateEntity
  • FIX : remove wildcare '%' in "ByExample" functions
  • FIX : fix bug "the entity returned by insert function doesn't always have an ID" Read More

Version 0.2.1

  • ADD : Improve admin style of Orm
  • ADD : Cancel button in edtion of OrmSkeleton
  • ADD : Primary key can now be set manually if not an autoincrement PK Read More
  • CHANGE : remove old files unused anymore
  • CHANGE : Init the log file if it doesn't exists in admin
  • CHANGE : remove '%' from query by example LIKE
  • FIX : try to fix definitivly unix pb with name of classes Read More
  • FIX : fix suffix of table in OrmUT
  • FIX : fix edtion of OrmSkeleton
  • FIX : Fix notice & warn PHP messages
  • FIX : Transient fields not skipped at INSERT/DELETE Read More
  • FIX : Double field create a integer field in database Read More
  • FIX : fix utf8 encoding in trace Read More

Version 0.2.0

  • ADD : DOUBLE type Field Read More
  • ADD : Catching Mysql Exception Read More
  • ADD : Exception is now thrown when field doesn't exists in Criteria system Read More
  • ADD : Implements the Index system of Mysql Read More
  • ADD : Implements the OrderBy system of Mysql Read More
  • ADD : Implements the Limit system of Mysql Read More
  • ADD : Implements a new caching system to improve performance Read More
  • ADD : Implements Criterias Read More
  • CHANGE : Exception was not understandable for "field not found" Read More
  • CHANGE : The module OrmUT won't install table anymore during it's own installation
  • CHANGE : the deprecated SetParameters from the "Orm*.module.php" files is removed
  • CHANGE : the signature for unique Indexes is changed Read More
  • FIX : the DATETIME Field finally work

Version 0.1.x Read More

Version 0.1.1

  • FIX : some mistakes caused by the refactoring of version 0.1.0
  • FIX : add headers in the Foo.module.php file Read More

Version 0.1.0

  • ADD : UUID type Field Read More
  • ADD : DATETIME type Field Read More
  • ADD : Unique Index on column Read More
  • ADD : Default values on column Read More
  • ADD : new autoincrement system Read More
  • ADD : New example of Entity in OrmSkeleton : BookSkeleton
  • ADD : recursive directory search in lib directory Read More
  • ADD : New console to check the logs (in the admin panel of the Orm module) Read More
  • CHANGE : improvement of the OrmSkeleton forms
  • FIX : apidoc mistakes

Version 0.0.x

version 0.0.2

  • FIX : lot of Bugs
  • ADD : improvement of the Associate Key functionality

version 0.0.1

  • First Release