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适用于macOS Mojave的HP暗影精灵3
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OMEN by HP Laptop 15-ce0xx

👌The following is the content provided by Google Translate, which is inconvenient for you, please forgive me!

😥There may be some problems with this EFI, use with caution!



HP OMEN 3 OMEN by HP Laptop 15-ce0xx
BIOS F.19-04/18/2019
CPU Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80GHz
GPU Intel(R) HD Graphics 630
Sound card ALC295
Disk HP SSD EX950 512G、HGST 1T

Normal function

  • The sound card driver is normal, no broken sound is found.
  • The configuration page is displayed normally.
  • All functions are used normally, no error, including APP Store, Facetime, iTunes, etc.
  • The touchpad and battery are normal
  • Normal sleep
  • Bluetooth has not been used, I don't know. . .
  • On the machine ~ ~ all interfaces ~ ~ are normal, except the type-c interface has not been tried, I have no accessories for this interface
  • The wired network card is normal, and the wireless network card has no solution.
  • The original power supply is normal and the battery display is patches.
  • Perfect to achieve unplugged boot (OMEN is the most difficult to solve this!)
  • USB limitation, I don’t know if it’s released or not at all.远景有篇帖子可以看看
  • Wait a minute, not one by one!

Invalid function

  • Small sun (brightness adjustment) is normal, patched , can be adjusted at 10.13.6, need to be re-created separately at 10.14.5.
  • FaceTime can be activated in 10.13.6 and below, and I can talk to my classmate's iPhone, but 10.14.5 is not working, I am still looking for the reason!
  • Bluetooth needs to be activated separately (I have almost never used the Bluetooth of my laptop anyway, so I want to be lazy!)
  • Type-c should not be used.
  • Due to the well-known reasons, the wireless network card can not be driven, only rely on USB network card, wired network or a network card to solve, such as: Broadcom BCM94352z
  • The keyboard can't adjust the brightness temporarily, so wait until you have time to manage it!
  • It is impossible to drive the drop alone, everyone knows this!
  • HDMI cannot be used because it can't be driven alone! There should be other solutions.
  • Other problems have not been discovered for a while, or have not noticed. After all, everyone's use level is different. My requirement is to be able to simply entertain the office!

Some reference tutorials


HP暗影精灵3安装 macOS 10.14.3 Mojave 记录

macOS Mojave黑苹果教程!

【黑果小兵】macOS Mojave 10.14.5 18F132 正式版 with Clover 4928原版镜像


tonymacx86HP OMEN 15-dc电池错误


What can i do after installation?



Download link Mirror sync upload

👍The image is from the blog of @黑果小兵's blog, and I use this image myself!

XunLei Offline (BT) download:[[请点击下载]( Mojave 10.14.5(18F132) Installer with Clover 4928.dmg)] Thanks to@难忘情怀for downloading resources

Http Download link:[请点击下载] Thanks to@难忘情怀for downloading resources

BaiDuCloud link: Extraction code: ivmi

MD5 (macOS Mojave 10.14.5(18F132) Installer with Clover 4928.dmg) = 371d9145484beaf0795d6b7d0d569fc3


Common problem

Q:How to enter the BIOS or set the startup item?

A:Press the ESC button after booting, then select according to the guidelines.

Q:Do I need to log in to my Apple account?

A:It is recommended to use the trumpet to log in, otherwise it may be blacked out by apple!

Q:Why is it available on your computer, but not on my computer?

A:I don't know, you can try to ask your computer: Why can't you?

Q:Why is it so expensive?

A:Google Search: How to disable discrete graphics to save battery.

Q:Why is there no HiDPI?

A:I can't solve all the problems. If you can help me, I am so grateful to you!

🔊Solutions that speakers can't use

The sound card of Shadow Elves 3 is ALC295, find the VoodooHDA-295.pkg I provided in repo and install it. I am lazy, only provide this kind of solution, if you have a better plan, welcome to share!

😘Support me

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