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Create your own best-of list

Welcome 鉂わ笍 It is awesome that you want to create your own best-of list! It will only take around 3-4 minutes to get you started 鈴憋笍

  1. Create a new repository based on the best-of template.

    Screenshots (click to show...)

  2. Run the setup-best-of-list workflow: Actions -> setup-best-of-list -> Run workflow

    Screenshots (click to show...)

  3. Select and merge the setup pull request: After about one minute, a pull request should appear in the Pull requests section -> Select the Initial setup for best-of list pull request -> Select Merge Pull Request -> Confirm Merge

    Screenshots (click to show...)

  4. Run the update-best-of-list workflow: Actions -> update-best-of-list -> Run workflow (you don't have to provide a version as input). The workflow will probably run for 2-3 minutes. Once it is finished, another pull request is created with the generated Merge the pull request and publish the draft release as instructed in the PR.

    Screenshots (click to show...)

Congrats 馃帀 You have created your own best-of list. Now you just need to fill it with some awesome projects by adding them to the projects.yaml as described in the documentation. After you added a few projects, you can either just manually rerun the update-best-of-list workflow to update the markdown page or wait for a few days until the scheduled action is run automatically. Keep in mind that the automated workflow also creates PRs for every update which you still need to merge manually. You can also start adapting the header and footer templates in config/ and config/ to customize your list.

For more information on the projects.yaml, project properties or configuration, please refer to the best-of-generator documentation.