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require_github: True
allowed_licenses: ["all"]
hide_project_license: True
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projects_history_folder: "history"
- category: "data-engineering"
title: "Machine Learning & Data Engineering"
subtitle: "Best-of lists about machine learning, data engieering, data science, or other topics related to big data."
- category: "web-dev"
title: "Web Development"
subtitle: "Best-of lists about react, vue, angular, html5, css, or other topics related to web development."
- category: "dev-tools"
title: "Development Tools"
subtitle: "Best-of lists about tools & libraries to help with software development."
- category: "documentation"
title: "Documentation"
subtitle: "Best-of lists about documentations & tools to create documentations."
- category: "programming-languages"
title: "Programming Languages"
subtitle: "Best-of lists with general overviews on tools & libraries for a specific programming language."
- category: "blockchain"
title: "Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain"
subtitle: "Best-of lists about cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, ethereum, or other topics related to blockchain."
- label: "python"
image: ""
description: "Best-of list with Python projects"
- label: "javascript"
image: ""
description: "Best-of list with JavaScript projects"
- name: best-of-ml-python
github_id: ml-tooling/best-of-ml-python
labels: ["python"]
category: "data-engineering"
- name: best-of-jupyter
github_id: ml-tooling/best-of-jupyter
labels: ["python"]
category: "data-engineering"
- name: best-of-web-python
github_id: ml-tooling/best-of-web-python
labels: ["python"]
category: "web-dev"
- name: best-of-streamlit
github_id: jrieke/best-of-streamlit
labels: ["python"]
category: "data-engineering"
- name: best-of-python
github_id: ml-tooling/best-of-python
labels: ["python"]
category: "programming-languages"
- name: best-of-python-dev
github_id: ml-tooling/best-of-python-dev
labels: ["python"]
category: "dev-tools"
- name: best-of-ml-julia
github_id: e-tornike/best-of-ml-julia
category: "data-engineering"
- name: best-of-ml-rust
github_id: e-tornike/best-of-ml-rust
category: "data-engineering"
- name: best-of-react
github_id: lukasmasuch/best-of-react
labels: ["javascript"]
category: "web-dev"
- name: best-of-mkdocs
github_id: pawamoy/best-of-mkdocs
category: "documentation"
- name: best-of-digital-gardens
github_id: lyz-code/best-of-digital-gardens
category: "documentation"
- name: best-of-crypto
github_id: lukasmasuch/best-of-crypto
category: "blockchain"
- name: thumbor/awesome-thumbor
github_id: thumbor/awesome-thumbor
- name: best-of-fastapi
github_id: fkromer/best-of-fastapi
labels: ["python"]
category: "web-dev"
- name: best-of-django
github_id: fkromer/best-of-django
labels: ["python"]
category: "web-dev"
- name: best-of-ps
github_id: jinningwang/best-of-ps
- name: best-of-vue
github_id: fkromer/best-of-vue
labels: ["javascript"]
category: "web-dev"
- name: best-of-scala
github_id: stkeky/best-of-scala
category: "programming-languages"