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A Gulp plugin for for uploading files to Azure Blob Storage. Wraps a vanilla node package It is perfect for deploying compiled assets to Microsoft Azure CDN as a last step in a Continuous Integration setup.


  • Ability to execute a "dry run" of deployment. The logging will indicate all files that will be deleted or uploaded but no actual changes to the blob storage will be done
  • Ability to gzip content and set a proper content encoding. If gzipped file becomes larger than original then only the original file will be uploaded
  • Ability to recursively remove files in a path of Azure Blob Storage
  • Ability to control number of concurrent files to be uploaded to avoid network congestion
  • Grunt and gulp plugins available


npm install gulp-deploy-azure-cdn


Deploying a set of files to a path in blob storage

var deployCdn = require('gulp-deploy-azure-cdn');
var gulp = require('gulp');
var gutil = require('gulp-util');

gulp.task('upload-app-to-azure', function () {
    return gulp.src(['*.js','*.json'], {
        base: 'node_modules/deploy-azure-cdn' // optional, the base directory in which the file is located. The relative path of file to this directory is used as the destination path
        containerName: 'test', // container name in blob
        serviceOptions: ['blobstoragename', '/OwQ/MyLongSecretStringFromAzureConfigPanel'], // custom arguments to azure.createBlobService
        folder: '1.2.35-b27', // path within container
        zip: true, // gzip files if they become smaller after zipping, content-encoding header will change if file is zipped
        deleteExistingBlobs: true, // true means recursively deleting anything under folder
        concurrentUploadThreads: 10, // number of concurrent uploads, choose best for your network condition
        metadata: {
            cacheControl: 'public, max-age=31530000', // cache in browser
            cacheControlHeader: 'public, max-age=31530000' // cache in azure CDN. As this data does not change, we set it to 1 year
        testRun: false // test run - means no blobs will be actually deleted or uploaded, see log messages for details
    })).on('error', gutil.log);


  • gulp.src {base} - use standard gulp configurations to skip some folders from relative file paths (example)
  • deployCdn function argument - azure cdn and upload configs
    • serviceOptions: [] - Custom arguments to azure.createBlobService. If this array contains a single argument it will be interpreted as a blob connection string. If it contains two arguments then they will be interpreted as a blob account name and access key, respectively.
    • containerName: null - container name, required
    • containerOptions: {publicAccessLevel: "blob"} - container options
    • folder: '', // path within container. Default is root directory of container
    • deleteExistingBlobs: true, // set it to false to skip recursive deleting blobs in folder
    • concurrentUploadThreads : 10, // number of concurrent uploads, choose best for your network condition
    • zip: false, // true if want to gzip the files before uploading. File will be zipped only if compressed file is smaller than original
    • metadata: {cacheControl: 'public, max-age=31556926'} // metadata for each uploaded file
    • testRun: false, // set to true if you just want to check connectivity and see deployment logs. No blobs will be removed or uplaoded.