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bestcaptchasolver-javascript is a super easy to use bypass captcha JavaScript API wrapper for captcha service
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bestcaptchasolver-client - Bestcaptchasolver JS client API library

Bypass image captcha and reCAPTCHA with bestcaptchasolver service, JS library


npm install bestcaptchasolver-client


git clone


Promises are used inside the library, for better code management

Simply require the module, set the auth details and start using the captcha service:

<!-- Load jQuery (dependency) -->
<script src=""></script>
<!-- Load the API library -->
<script src="../lib/bestcaptchasolver.js"></script>

Set access token, before using the library

bestcaptchasolverapi.set_access_token('access token from /account');

Get balance

bestcaptchasolverapi.account_balance().then(function (balance) {
    console.log('Balance: $', balance);

Submit image captcha

The submission of image captcha is done by sending us the image as a b64 encoded string.

    b64image: captcha,
    // is_case: true,         // case sensitive, default: false, optional
    // is_phrase: true,       // contains at least one space, default: false, optional
    // is_math: true,         // math calculation captcha, default: false, optional
    // alphanumeric: 2,        // 1 (digits only) or 2 (letters only), default: all characters
    // minlength: 2,           // minimum length of captcha text, default: any
    // maxlength: 3,           // maximum length of captcha text, default: any
    // affiliate_id: 'ID of affiliate'       // default: None, optional
}).then(function (id)) { /* use id to retrieve text */ };

Submit reCAPTCHA

The page_url and site_key are the only requirements. There are other optional parameters though.

    page_url: 'PAGE_URL_HERE',
    site_key: 'SITE_KEY_HERE',
    // user_agent: 'Your user agent',
    // proxy: 'abc:def@ or',
    // type: '1', // 1 - normal, 2 - invisible, 3 - v3
    // v3_action: '',   // v3 action
    // v3_min_score: '0.3', // if v3, score to target
    // affiliate_id: 'ID of affiliate'       // optional
}).then(function (id)) { /* use id to retrieve response */ };

Just like the image submission method, this method also returns an ID, which is then used to get the text or gresponse.

Submit Geetest

  • domain
  • gt
  • challenge
    domain: 'DOMAIN_HERE',
    gt: 'GT_HERE',
    challenge: 'CHALLENGE_HERE',
    // affiliate_id: 'ID of affiliate'       // optional
}).then(function (id)) { /* use id to retrieve solution */ };

Submit Capy

  • page_url
  • site_key
    page_url: 'PAGE_URL_HERE',
    site_key: 'SITE_KEY_HERE',
    // affiliate_id: 'ID of affiliate'       // optional
}).then(function (id)) { /* use id to retrieve solution */ };

Submit hCaptcha

  • page_url
  • site_key
    page_url: 'PAGE_URL_HERE',
    site_key: 'SITE_KEY_HERE',
    // affiliate_id: 'ID of affiliate'       // optional
}).then(function (id)) { /* use id to retrieve solution */ };


Retrieval is done by passing the ID, for all captchas

bestcaptchasolverapi.retrieve_captcha(id).then(function (data) { console.log(JSON.stringify(data)); });

This method returns an object, with the text attribute for image captcha or gresponse if submission was done for reCAPTCHA or solution for geetest and capy

If reCAPTCHA is submitted with proxy, get proxy status

log('Recaptcha response: ' + data.gresponse);
log('Proxy status: ' + data.proxy_status);

Set captcha bad



Check the examples folder


API library is licensed under the MIT License

More information

More info about the API parameters can be found here

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