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bestcaptchasolver-python3 is a super easy to use bypass captcha python3 API wrapper for captcha service
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captcha.jpg python3 API wrapper

bestcaptchasolver-python3 is a super easy to use bypass captcha python3 API wrapper for captcha service


git clone


pip install requests


# make sure you've changed access_key, page_url, etc in

How to use?

Simply require the module, set the auth details and start using the captcha service:

from bestcaptchasolverapi3.bestcaptchasolverapi import BestCaptchaSolverAPI

Set access_token for authentication

access_token = 'access_token_here'
# get your access token from
bcs = BestCaptchaSolverAPI(ACCESS_TOKEN)

Once you've set your authentication details, you can start using the API

Get balance

balance = bcs.account_balance()                 

Submit image captcha

data = {}
data['image'] = 'captcha.jpg'

# optional parameters
data['is_case'] = if case sensitive set to True, default: False
data['is_phrase'] = if phrase, set to True, default: False
data['is_math'] = True if captcha is math, default: False
data['alphanumeric'] = 1 (digits only) or 2 (letters only), default: all characters
data['minlength'] = minimum length of captcha text, default: any
data['maxlength'] = maximum length of captcha text, default: any


The image submission works with both files and b64 encoded strings. For setting the affiliate_id, set the affiliate_id parameter

Submit recaptcha details

For recaptcha submission there are two things that are required.

  • page_url
  • site_key
  • type (optional)
  • v3_action (optional)
  • v3_min_score (optional)
  • user_agent (optional)
  • affiliate_id (optional)
  • proxy (optional)
bcs.submit_recaptcha({'page_url': 'page_url_here', 'site_key': 'sitekey_here')   

This method returns a captchaID. This ID will be used next, to retrieve the g-response, once workers have completed the captcha. This takes somewhere between 10-80 seconds.


  • domain
  • gt
  • challenge
captcha_id = bcs.submit_geetest({'domain': 'DOMAIN_HERE', 'gt': 'GT_HERE', 'challenge': 'CHALLENGE_HERE'})

Use captcha_id to retrieve solution for geetest


  • page_url
  • site_key
captcha_id = bcs.submit_capy({'page_url': 'PAGE_URL_HERE', 'site_key': 'SITEKEY_HERE'})

Use captcha_id to retrieve solution for capy


  • page_url
  • site_key
captcha_id = bcs.submit_hcaptcha({'page_url': 'PAGE_URL_HERE', 'site_key': 'SITEKEY_HERE'})

Use captcha_id to retrieve solution for hCaptcha

Retrieve captcha response (all captchas)

image_text = bcs.retrieve(captcha_id)['text']
gresponse = bcs.retrieve(recaptcha_id)['gresponse']
solution = bcs.retrieve(captcha_id)['solution']

If submitted with proxy, get proxy status

proxy_status = bcs.retrieve(recaptcha_id)['proxy_status']

Set captcha bad

When a captcha was solved wrong by our workers, you can notify the server with it's ID, so we know something went wrong.





API library is licensed under the MIT License

More information

More details about the server-side API can be found here

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