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Nginx Proxy addon for hass.io

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This addon provide an Nginx Proxy with multiple vhost support and optional ssl.


vhosts (list)

This list describe all the virtual host to be proxified.

vhost (string)

Full hostname (ie homeassistant.domain.tld)

port (string)

Internal port (ie 8123 for homeassistant)

default_server (bool)

Configure this vhost to be the default is set to true. Must only be used once.

remote (str)

Ip or url for the proxified server. If not set default to (docker host).

auth (str)

Enables HTTP basic auth for a single user on a vhost. The string is dumped directly to a file and used as the auth_basic_user_file. See the documentation for auth_basic_user_file on how to format the value.

certname (str)

If not set, only http is proxified. If set, the template used for the vhosts force https.

The key and certchain must be located in /ssl/letsencrypt/live/${certname}/privkey.pem and /ssl/letsencrypt/live/${certname}/fullchain.pem. A solution to obtain them is to used the certbot addon.

ssl_modern (bool)

If certname is set, you can set this parameter to switch betwwen ssl profils. The profile are the ones defined by the mozilla ssl config generator. Use the modern one is set to true, the intermediate one is set to falseor not set.

Usage exemple

I proxyfy 4 services, 3 local to the pi, one on another host. My configs, for 4 subdomains, with two different certs (one for each physical hosts) are :

nginx proxy :

  "vhosts": [
      "vhost": "sub1.redacted.tld",
      "default_server": true,
      "certname": "rpi",
      "port": "8123"
      "vhost": "sub2.redacted.tld",
      "port": "3380",
      "default_server": false,
      "certname": "rpi"
      "vhost": "sub3.redacted.tld",
      "certname": "rpi",
      "port": "3000"
      "remote": "",
      "vhost": "sub4.redacted.tld",
      "certname": "nas",
      "port": "443"

certbot :

  "email": "contact@redacted.tld",
  "certificats": [
      "domains": "sub1.redacted.tld,sub2.redacted.tld,sub3.redacted.tld",
      "name": "rpi"
      "domains": "sub3.redacted.tld",
      "name": "nas"
  "ssl_only": false