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WordPress Plugin to Share links to Friends
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Contributors: Bestony
Tags: Links,Share,Posttype
Requires at least: 4.7
Tested up to: 4.8
Stable tag: 0.0.5
License: GPL2
License URI:

use shortcode [linkshare][/linkshare] to show your website share on pages, posts or widgets.


This plugin will support a new shortcode [linkshare][/linkshare] and new PostType LinkShare ,You can use these to share link to your friends.

  • you will can see a Link at your Admin Menu, then You can use this link to add New Share.
  • Click 'Add New',And Input Share title, Share Comment, Share URL,And Submit.
  • Create A new Page with content [linkshare][/linkshare].
  • View the page.


  1. Download Plugin Zip File
  2. Upload to Your WordPress
  3. create a new page with content : [linkshare][/linkshare]

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you will support Other Languages

I only a student, and cannot support other Languages, except English & Simplifed Chinese. Maybe you have to use English Version. I will Apply English Version In fewer month.

How to Style My List

Generate List is ul list. The outer ul with class linkshare-list, the inner li with class linkshare-item,the a link with class linkshare-link. You can add your style into your theme style.css


1. ShortCode

2. ADD a new Share

3. shortcode preview



  1. compete short code
  2. compete post type
  3. compete submit meta box


  1. sanitize, escape, and validate POST calls


  1. use esc_url for input


  1. update esc_url function
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