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- SASL support (Previously released, but not advertised here)
(Yann Kerherve <>)
- Implement proper support for XML namespace prefixes
(Daniel Ruoso <>)
- Meta: djabberd is now hosted on
- Meta: The core repository is now separated from plugins.
- Treat the node and domain parts of a JID as case-insensitive as per
the XMPP spec. This creates a dependency on the CPAN module
Unicode::Stringprep. A backward-compatibility setting is provided
for servers that have existing non-normalized JIDs stored,
since they are likely to be broken by this change until their
stored data is normalized.
Patch from Alex Vandiver <>
- Some configuration file docs
(Alex Vandiver <>)
- Improve debugging information for S2S connections.
(Alex Vandiver <>)
- Remove the stream:features-in-dialback quirk hack, since it breaks
interop with a few different implementations and is incorrect
per spec. This may break interop with some other implementation,
but we've been unable to determine which one, so I'm assuming
that it's no longer an issue.
(Alex Vandiver <>)
- Small tweak to comment and logging in DJabberd::Connection::ServerOut
(Alex Vandiver <>)
- Don't treat hostnames that look like as IP
addresses. (Reported by Domrachev Ivan <>).
- new hook chain called "SendFeatures" allows plugins to add xml
to the stream:features stanza returned by the server
- new hook chain called "HandleStanza" allows plugins to register
for and then handle what would otherwise be unsupported-stanza-type
- SSL memory leak fix (
- hook chain callback logging fix merged from 'kane-hacking' branch
0.84_01 (2009-07-31) dev release because it's beeen awhile
- SARTAK caught a typo in where a qr was used in a place
that obviously should have been qq.
- "use bytes" in, which reportedl fixes UTF-8
corruption in rosters (Aleksey Luzin <>)
- If an explicit configuration file location is given to djabberd,
don't fall back on the built-in default locations. If the user
wanted the defaults, he wouldn't have used the --conffile option.
- Allow the location of the log4perl configuration file to be
set via a command-line argument to djabberd.
(Jakob Burkhart <>)
- Correct support for re-using an S2S connection for multiple source
domains. (Adrian Ulrich <>)
- Jacob Burkhart <>: Fix memory leak when using SSL
- Michael Scherer <>: more helpful error
messages in logs after dialback failure (shows hosts in question)
- Piers Harding <>: Fix bug where server wasn't
including a "from" attribute in IQ responses.
- Multiple resources of the same local JID are now made aware of
one another via presence stanzas as required by the spec.
- don't leak UDP sockets on DNS SRV lookup timeouts
- handle improper SSL disconnects without spinning CPU
- Updated DJabberd::Component::Example which uses the correct
API. The previous example didn't actually work anymore.
- Add POD for DJabberd::Agent, DJabberd::Component and a bunch of
other related modules.
- Make bots automatically accept roster subscription requests.
0.83 2007-05-08
- the "yes, this project is still alive" release
- packaging fixes, tree clean, dist now managed by ShipIt, for more
regular releases
- ClientPort, ServerPort, AdminPort can include IPs to bind to, not
just port numbers.
- better pidfile support
- optional expansion of environment in config files, using
syntax: ${ENV:KEY}, which expands to environment variable KEY
- vhost/server/plugin nesting issues in config files. more
tolerant now
- DJabberd::Delivery::ComponentConnection - Delivery through a
JEP-0114 component connection
- DJabberd::Connection::ComponentIn - JEP-0114 Server
- DJabberd::Connection::ComponentOut - JEP-0114 Client
- when closing an XMLElement, also clone the raw field
- don't crash when DNS SRV records have no port defined
- Component::External bug fixes, enhancements
- warnings about implicit delivery/etc plugins auto-added
for you (like Local deliver, S2S deliver, local presence
checks, etc...)
0.82 2007-05-08
- accidental release in which I mistakenly claimed nothing was new
since 0.81... whoops!
0.81 2006-10-01
- fix the MANIFEST to include the dozen some missing files.
- first tarball release of core only after svn rearrange to split
modules into per-distribution directories.
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