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  • PostgreSQL 8.1 or newer

  • Perl <= 5.12; later versions of perl (5.16 and later are known-bad) may cause Template::Declare elements to be repeated, due to changes in perl's overloading and stringification handling.

  • DBD::Pg < 3.3.0; version 3.3.0 changed how Unicode was handled, in a way that the current Jifty codes does not support. Version 3.2.1 is available from

  • Latest Jifty (1.50430) and Jifty-DBI (0.78), and all dependencies found by running perl Makefile.PL

Setting up and running

  1. ./bin/jifty schema --setup
  2. perl Makefile.PL This step will likely require that additional dependencies be installed.
  3. make
  4. make test
  5. ./bin/jifty server

Known test failures

  • t/15a-task-notifications.t (whitespace changes)

  • t/20-incoming-mail.t (string comparison)

  • t/40c-bulk-projects.t (height/width attributes)

  • t/70-im.t and t/70b-im.t ("tomorrow" vs specific date)

  • t/75-imap.t (log framework changes?)

  • t/99-pod-coverage.t (DJabberd::Bot::Hiveminder coverage)