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Things should/could be done in 1.x releases:
* cover as much as possible code with tests
* IsLast is not consistent(see t/01records.t)
* LoadFromHash doesn't return any errors as other Load* methods do
** it should report back missing PK fields
* Don't prevent DBI from die or reporting errors, now we have control
with RaiseErrors and PrintErrors in We should just check
for $sth is defined and check $sth->err if fetch* methods returns undef.
** partly fixed
* Count&CountAll:
** Count should always return how much rows we can fetch with Next,
using pages affect this.
** CountAll should always return how many records we can fetch with
applied conditions no matter use we pages or not to fetch it.
** document differences of the methods
* More support for compound PKs.
Known bugs:
* CountAll corner case:
* new collection
* CounAll returns 0
* Limit collection
* CountAll returns correct value
* UnLimit or apply other limit(only change must_redo_search)
* CountAll returns old value
Could be fixed in one line change in CountAll sub, but interfere with
Pages. When you call NextPage or other page walking methods
must_redo_search bcomes true also so CountAll after NextPage force
useless query.
* Class::ReturnValue is prefered way to handle errors, should implement
it in all error paths.
* rework&review pages support, now I can't write next code:
while( $records->NextPage ) {
while( my $rec = $records->Next ) {
* New methods: Prev, Current. Refactor collection walking:
** $sb->{itemscount} can be undef, what means that we are in the begin
or end of the set.
** Current, returns undef if $sb->{itemscount} is undef, in other case
returns record from array using $sb->{itemscount} as index.
** IsLast and IsFirst return undef if Current is not defined, and
return 0 or 1 in other cases.
** First and Last - work as before, return undef or object.
** GotoItem supports undef as argument and returns undef or object.
** Next walks forward, returns first object if Current is undef,
if there is no Next in set drops $sb->{itemscount} to undef and
returns undef.
** Prev walks backward and works like Next, but if Current is undef
it starts from Last record.
Parameter naming:
Inside the object relational mapper (Jifty::DBI),
when refering to a column, the parameter is called:
It is NOT called:
'field', 'key', 'col', etc .