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[Changes for 0.77 - 2008-12-29]
* Locale::Maketext::Extract::Plugin::FormFu
- Rewrote the FormFu plugin completely to use the parser.
Previously, this plugin was completely broken.
- Resolves bugs:
# Locale::Maketext::Extract::Plugin::FormFu broken
# Parsing formfu config
* Locale::Maketext::Extract::Plugin::YAML
- Improved the accuracy of the line numbers.
- Added documentation and tests for using folded and block scalars.
* Locale::Maketext::Extract::Plugin::PPI
- Added a PPI based Perl plugin - more accurate than the Perl plugin,
but much slower.
- Not enabled by default
- moved the Perl extraction tests into t/51-perlextract.t
- Resolves bug:
# xgettext doesn't handle interpolating functions
Also, corrected the POD to use the correct names for the plugins.
[Changes for 0.76 - 2008-12-14]
* Locale::Maketext::Extract / Locale::Maketext::Lexicon::Gettext
- Roundtripping of fuzzy comments now works. If a translation is marked
by the translator as fuzzy, then it should remain so when re-extracted
- Added tests for roundtripping of fuzzy, and for format markers
* Locale::Maketext::Lexicon
- Fixed bug
# relative paths to lang files fail
- added tests to prove it
* Locale::Maketext::Extract::Plugin::TT2
- changed the line string to contain only the start line, and not the range
as this was not consistent with the gettext spec
[Changes for 0.75 - 2008-11-24]
* Locale::Maketext::Extract / Locale::Maketext::Extract::Run
Changed the order of extraction to:
- extract all strings
- then read, compile and write each PO file
Speeds the extraction process up by a factor of the number of languages used.
$Ext->read_po now resets the compiled entries, so that a fresh po file can
be written.
Also tidied up the verbose messages
Bumped both to 0.33
* Locale::Maketext::Extract::Run /
Added the -W | --wrap option, which forces the file location
comments to be on separate lines, as per POEdit
The output order of the PO file has changed to match gettext producers, so
the arguments now appear before the file locations.
* t/
Fixed a bad SKIP plan
[Changes for 0.74 - 2008-11-22]
* Locale::Maketext::Extract::Plugin::Perl
The Perl plugin now combines concatenated strings, eg
loc('string' . ' and this')
Contributed by Felix Ostmann
* Locale::Maketext::Extract::Run
Localised $_ correctly to avoid conflict with external strings
Contributed by Sebastian Knapp
* Locale::Maketext::Run
Fixed bug
Debian bug -f was not chomping file names correctly
Contributed by Niko Tyni
[Changes for 0.73 - 2008-10-28]
* Locale::Maketext::Extract::Plugin::TextTemplate
- renamed MyParser to Locale::Maketext::Extract::Plugin::TextTemplate::Parser
to avoid namespace clashes
* CPANTS improvements
- Updated the Makefile to list all mentioned modules
- Added a LICENSE file
- added a Test::Pod test
[Changes for 0.72 - 2008-10-10]
Contributed by: Clinton Gormley (DRTECH)
* Locale::Maketext::Extract::Plugin::TT2
- fixed bug where extracted strings still had escaped quotes and backslashes
- if args are literal, they're now wrapped in double quotes instead of
single quotes
- special characters in args are escaped properly
[Changes for 0.71 - 2008-10-05]
* Bump version number of Locale::Maketext::Extract::Plugin::TextTemplate
to 0.30 so PAUSE can index it correctly.
[Changes for 0.70 - 2008-10-04]
Contributed by: Clinton Gormley (DRTECH)
* Refactored Locale::Maketext::Extract
- Each format is handled by a different plugin
- Each format recognises certain default file types
- Custom plugins can be used
* Locale::Maketext::Extract::Plugin::TT2
- Uses Template Toolkit as a parser
- Handles inline filter, block filters, and function calls to "l" or "loc"
Contibuted by: Andy Wardley [ABW]
* Locale::Maketext::Extract::Plugin::YAML uses the YAML module as a parser
and can recognise the form:
key: _"string"
* Locale::Maketext::Extract::Run
- Added -P|plugins option to specify which parser plugins to use
- Added -w|warnings to turn parser warnings on and off
- Added -v|verbose to output the files that are being processed,
the plugins used to process them, and the extracted strings
- Fixed a bug in the File::Find routine to correctly prune
.svn directories and their contents
* Locale::Maketext::Extract::Plugin::Perl
- Added a defined check to avoid a warning.
[Changes for 0.68 - 2008-08-18]
* Locale::Maketext::Extract: Support for other forms of localization in
TT templates and TT HEREDOCS.
Contributed by: Felix Antonius Wilhelm Ostmann
[Changes for 0.67 - 2008-08-04]
* Locale::Maketext::Extract: Support in and Lexicon/
for parsing and keeping user comments in PO files.
Contributed by: Cosimo Streppone
[Changes for 0.66 - 2008-02-12]
* Locale::Maketext::Extract: Support in>extract for
HTML::FormFu config files.
Contributed by: Andreas Marienborg
[Changes for 0.65 - 2007-12-22]
* Perl 5.9.5+ is pickier about what "being used only once" means,
so we make sure to avoid that warning.
Contributed by: Alex Vandiver
* Also restore compatibility with Perl 5.005 and earlier by avoiding
the "no warnings" pragma.
* Tidied up code style, documentation, copyright years, etc.
[Changes for 0.64 - 2007-05-28]
* Locale::Maketext::Extract: Extraction wasn't able to deal with escaped
quotes within single- and double-quoted strings. (Bump version to 0.22.)
Contributed by: Matthew O'Connor
[Changes for 0.63 - 2007-02-07]
* Locale::Maketext::Lexicon used to generated mysteriouse error "next at ..."
instead of skipping the locale, when the requested .po file does not exist.
Contributed by: Ruslan U. Zakirov
[Changes for 0.62 - 2006-06-15]
* For the longest time, direct import of Locale::Maketext::Lexicon
from within localization classes (such as MyApp::I18N::zh_tw) was
untested and broken. It now works the way described in the SYNOPSIS
section of the Locale::Maketext::Lexicon documentation.
Contributed by: Yann Kerherve
[Changes for 0.61 - 2006-04-27]
* LICENSING CHANGE: This compilation and all individual files in it
are now under the permissive "MIT" license. See the COPYRIGHT
section in README for the new terms.
* Repair Perl 5.005 compatibility in the build system.
Reported By: Rong-En Fan
[Changes for 0.60 - 2006-04-13]
* Locale::Maketext::Extract: Bump version to 0.20.
No functionality changes to Locale::Maketext::Lexicon; all changes
in this release are to Locale::Maketext::Extract.
* The ->compile call now moves ->entries into ->compiled_entries,
instead of mutating them in-place. This allows repeated cycles
of ->extract/->compile calls before the final ->write_po.
* Consequently, in the ->read_po/->write_po API, the "$verbatim" flag
is now ignored.
* ->read_po no longer fails on empty PO files.
* The return values of ->msgids/->msgstr are now always in gettext
style and never in maketext style.
* In, the -u flag (specifies the style of the source
programs as gettext instead of the default maketext) now has nothing
to do with output escaping. This closes another long-standing
bug of "vanishing backslashes" when the same .po file is written
once with -u and once without.
* The --unescaped flag to "" is deprecated and renamed
to the more appropriate "--use-gettext-style".
* Locale::Maketext::Extract::Run now accepts single-letter directory
names instead of erroneously stripping them out.
[Changes for 0.58 - 2006-04-13]
* Locale::Maketext::Extract: Direct calls to ->write_po now
escapes the msg strings by default (reverting to <=0.54
behaviour), but calls via (and ::Extract::Run)
now always specify the "verbatim" flag to ->write_po, so
users of extraction tools are still free from double escaping.
Requested by: Thierry Vignaud
* Locale::Maketext::Extract: Allow the "# loc" marker at the
end of a statement:
say "foo"; # loc
previously it only worked on closing brackets and commas.
* Locale::Maketext::Lexicon: The "gettext" style no longer parses
"%0" as a variable. Also allows spaces between function arguments:
%quant(%1, %2)
[Changes for 0.57 - 2006-04-11]
* Locale::Maketext::Locale: The "_style => 'gettext'" option was
broken for function forms such as "%quant(%1)", as well as
adjacent variables such as "%1%2%3".
[Changes for 0.56 - 2006-04-02]
* Locale::Maketext::Lexicon: Specifying the new "_auto => 1" option
now turns on _AUTO fallback handling for all language handles.
Requested by: Jesse Vincent
* Locale::Maketext::Lexicon: Specifying the new "_style => 'gettext'"
option makes "%1" and "%quant(%1)" to be used for interpolation,
instead of "[_1]" and "[quant,_1]".
[Changes for 0.55 - 2006-03-22]
* Locale::Maketext::Extract: Fix a long-standing bug that caused
double-escaping of backslashes and double quotes in loc strings.
Contributed by: Brian Cassidy
[Changes for 0.54 - 2006-03-14]
* When importing into an already defined lexicon and merging with its
entries, we need to clear the Locale::Maketext cache, otherwise
_AUTO entries generated by the old lexicon will linger around.
Contributed by: Helmut Lichtenberg
[Changes for 0.53 - 2005-12-05]
* Make work with poEdit by not trying to read from empty
.po files. Patch from Brian Cassidy.
[Changes for 0.52 - 2005-12-04]
* Christian Hansen pointed out 0.51's fix was bass ackwards.
[Changes for 0.51 - 2005-12-03]
* Locale::Maketext::Extract::Run's use of File::Find::find with
(follow => 1) may break on systems without symbolic links.
Reported by Brian Cassidy.
[Changes for 0.50 - 2005-11-04]
* Per suggestion from Sava Chankov, add the (quite outdated) webl10n
articles to docs/ directory.
Patches from Mikael Sennerholm:
* Added "localize" and "localise" to the list of recognized L10N
functions in Locale::Maketext::Extract.
* Skip .svn directories in Locale::Maketext::Extract::Run.
[Changes for 0.49 - 2005-04-13]
* Stephen Quinney notes that we are too eager to die on nonexisting
files passed in as part of a lexicon_get_() source. We now silently
ignore nonexistant files, only reporting error when it exists but
cannot be read or parsed.
[Changes for 0.48 - 2005-03-12]
Patches from Thierry Vignaud:
* In, do not silently skip last entry of a catalog.
* In, do not silently skip first entry of a catalog
if there's only one empty line tween header and first real message.
[Changes for 0.47 - 2005-02-03]
* EXISTS in Locale::Maketext::Lexicon has the potential to trigger deep
recursion. Reported by Wei-Hon Chen.
[Changes for 0.46 - 2004-12-16]
* Patch from Thierry Vignaud: Add a "_allow_empty" option to the
Gettext backend, to allow empty strings with
* Harmen suggested a doc patch to better document the _AUTO key
for allowing empty or missing keys.
* Changed all ::L10N to ::I18N in examples, to agree with the de
facto community standard.
[Changes for 0.45 - 2004-10-26]
* Fix decoding problem on Big5 containing "]", as reported by Jiing Deng.
* For \*DATA calls, we can get the 'main' package from $0, skip tracing the
caller chain.
[Changes for 0.44 - 2004-09-25]
* Fixed a regression from 0.43 that prevented %*(...) interpolations.
* Remove RCS headers from source files..
[Changes for 0.43 - 2004-09-24]
* Fix decoding problem on Big5 containing "\".
[Changes for 0.42 - 2004-08-25]
* Devel::DProf did not like the closure-based delay loading mechanism;
rewrite using OO-based promises instead.
[Changes for 0.41 - 2004-08-24]
* Delayed loading of lexicons now repects the original options.
* Delay actualization of lexicon parsing until the first use.
(Suggested by Jesse Vincent)
[Changes for 0.40 - 2004-08-22]
* Moved under SVK management.
* The 'locale' encoding now works on Win32, using
Win32::Console::OutputCP() to probe the code page.
[Changes for 0.38 - 2004-04-26]
* The quotemeta() introduced in 0.37 broke Locale::Maketext::Simple.
* L::M::Extract now parses the '# loc' and '# loc_pair'
markers before end of lines, as used in RT.
* New module, L::M::Extract::Run, that encapsulates the script.
[Changes for 0.37 - 2004-04-21]
* Thanks Christian Hansen for reminding me of the
quotemeta() bug.
* Forgot to put quotemeta() around dir patterns; pointed
out by Jouke Visser. This caused tests on Win32 to fail.
* Respect the LAGUAGES and LC_MESSAGES environment variables.
[Changes for 0.36 - 2004-03-17]
* "_encoding" now takes a special "locale" value, which will
get the encoding from user's locale.
* Gettext used to break when the re-encoded lexicon
contains Maketext's escape characters like "[" and "~".
* should not prepend an empty "" before a
single-line "string\n". Such treatments are meant for
multiline strings.
* proper escaping of \ and " in _format.
[Changes for 0.35 - 2004-02-19]
* We no longer depend on Regexp::Common and Pod::Usage.
* Extract strings inside functions that has spaces inside
the parens, like 'loc( "test" )', as suggested by Helmut
[Changes for 0.34 - 2003-12-31]
* Update copyright years to 2004.
* Fix Msgcat so it also handle CRLF gracefully.
* .po files with DOSish CRLF line-ending was not parsed correctly.
[Changes for 0.33 - 2003-12-08]
* Multiline strings were produced with an extra "\n" by
* " -u" was broken.
* Various documentation and error message fixes.
[Changes for 0.32 - 2003-10-14]
* Excise $& from ::Extract, ::Msgcat and ::Gettext.
* Micro-optimize (encode|decode)_utf8 in the inner loop of
::Gettext instead of (encode|decode)('utf8', ...).
[Changes for 0.31 - 2003-10-13]
* 0.30 still broken on Robert Spiers's darwin box, so
rewrote them to totally avoid capturing parenthesis.
* Also modify to be not reentrant.
[Changes for 0.30 - 2003-10-13]
* '*' in sources will now get properlly expanded by globbing.
* The reentrant-regex transformation used in ::Gettext was
breaking 5.8.0 in subtle ways. Reimplemented to use a two-pass
[Changes for 0.29 - 2003-10-09]
* Update readme and pods to mention ::Extract.
* Add test for extraction.
* Refactor out into Locale::Maketext::Extract.
* Move bin/ into script/.
[Changes for 0.28 - 2003-08-28]
* Gettext was chomping everything. Fixed.
* Support for Kwiki-style generic loc string: {{...}}
[Changes for 0.27 - 2003-07-07]
* Change tests to use utf8, not big5, for perl 5.6.1
people with broken Locale::Maketext (1.06).
* Supress uninitialized warnings.
* Jonas Lincoln reported that empty globs was causing problems.
* Strip the extra parens off tt2 templates.
* Be very extra magical and assume that main:: comes from
the caller if it is not yet opened.
* Chia-Liang Kao pointed out that getting sources from glob
was not working.
* " -g" was documented but never enabled.
* Fixed's multiline handling.
* TT2 regex was wrong; thanks Chia-Liang Kao for pointing out.
[Changes for 0.26 - 2003-05-03]
* Incoporated a modified version of Matthieu Arnold's patch
that enables Encode-specific testing for Perl 5.6.1 with
[Changes for 0.25 - 2003-04-30]
* Change t/TestPkg/ to t/ in accord with
imacat's arrangement.
* Fixes cases where there are multiple '*'s in the glob entry.
[Changes for 0.22 - 2003-04-28]
* Document the choice of using the final '*' for
glob patterns that has multiple '*'s.
* Add extra debug info.
* prefer the last * for globbing languages.
[Changes for 0.21 - 2003-04-27]
* Remove unneccessary MO files.
* Updates copyrights to 2003.
* Mathieu Arnold pointed out that multiline handling was incorrect.
* Implemented correct parsing of multiple "#, flag1, flag2".
* "#, fuzzy" entries are now ignored, unless _use_fuzzy is
set to true.
* Documentation fix: removed the ambiguous [ ... ] by imacat's request.
* Filehandle sources are now seek()ed back to the original
position after reading; this allows using the same handle
for two language subclasses.
[Changes for 0.20 - 2003-04-26]
* Add a note that we now turns 'zh-tw' into 'zh_tw' during
import. this fixed imacat's major gripe with previous
versions of L::M::L.
* Nixed the TODO test since it's not really on my todo.
* Add copyright notice around parse_mo() by imacat's request.
* Test suite from imacat's Locale::Maketext::Gettext.
* Documenting the new _encoding, _decode and wildcard support.
* Add IMACAT to authors and acknowledgement list.
* New _decode and _encoding flag to control auto-recoding.
* Globbing support for import lists.
[Changes for 0.16 - 2003-02-22]
* Gaal Yahas's patch to recognize __ in addition of _.
* Wei-Hon Chen pointed out pod errors.
[Changes for 0.15 - 2002-11-29]
* Corrected %quant(,%1) -- should be %quant(%1).
* POD tweaks.
* Random fixes from Alain Barbet.
* Merging from old lexicons now work properly with and without -u.
[Changes for 0.14 - 2002-11-13]
* Escapes are now applicable even with -u.
[Changes for 0.13 - 2002-11-13]
* Alain's parser patch. This makes multi-line handling a breeze.
[Changes for 0.12 - 2002-11-07]
* Patch from Alain Barbett: Fix multiline gettext strings.
* Document " -u" before I forget about it.
[Changes for 0.11 - 2002-10-27]
* First sane CPAN release version.
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