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Revision history for Perl extension Mail::GnuPG.
0.17 Sun Dec 10 2011
- [RT #73036] Support trust-model = always-trust
0.16 Tue Dec 14 2010
- [RT #60280] Add support for gnupg-agent
- [RT #60246] Use undecoded text for decode and get_decrypt_key of inline PGP
- [RT #4388, #2718, #46168] Add test case for verify of encoded bodies
0.15 Sat Mar 8 19:51:55 PST 2008
This is the ntyni release, as he provided most of the fixes:
- Fix roundtrip test by trusting test keyring.
- New test to show blocking issues on large messages.
- Switch to a non-blocking (select) based mechanism for interacting
with gpg.
0.10 Mon Jul 9 15:12:10 PDT 2007
- Fixed "-1" result code from waitpid handling. (On OSX, it can mean 'reaped' not actually an error)
- MIME content type of signed portion will be same as content type
of original message.
0.08 Sat Jul 17 19:11:06 PDT 2004
really tiny release for Paul's issue
IO::Handle::sync not implemented on all systems, can cause Mail::GnuPG to fail
- cleanup some test warnings
0.07 Tue Dec 16 20:32:09 PST 2003
Lots o Documentation Updates
(From Paul J. Schinder)
- bugfix for encrypt without signing
(For Jesse)
- verify(): return uid/email on success
- new methods: is_signed() and is_encrypted(), which are
encapsulations of the simple tests for guessing whether something
is signed or encrypted.
- get_decrypt_key(): fix for gpg not in current path
- decrypt(): return uid/email on successful decrypt of signed msg
- verify() : fix tempfile creation location
0.06 Wed Jul 23 19:59:51 PDT 2003
(From Jörn Reder)
- bugfix in decrypt(): with ASCII armor messages the first line of
the cleartext was removed by MIME::Parser, if the cleartext was no
entity but simple ASCII text.
- new method get_decrypt_key() which returns a secret key and the
corresponding mail address, which could be used to decrypt a given
encrypted message.
0.05 Thu Jun 12 23:05:48 PDT 2003
(From Jörn Reder)
- insecure temp file handling (still insecure, but not that much ;)
- non portable temp directory handling
- insecure temp file / MIME::Parser handling in decrypt()
- broken signature verification on quoted printable ascii armor messages
- broken MIME canonical conversion (was broken if single CR's or
CR/LF sequences were already in the message)
- removed line break mangling in mime_encrypt(). RFC3156 doesn't
request it.
new methods:
clear_sign() - clearsign the body of an email message
ascii_encrypt() - encrypt an email message body using ascii armor
ascii_signencrypt() - encrypt and sign an email message body using
ascii armor
0.04 Fri Apr 4 18:35:09 PST 2003
- Previous version didn't work.
0.03 Thu Mar 27 22:32:21 PST 2003
- Previous version didn't work.
0.02 Thu Mar 27 20:32:21 PST 2003
- Update Makefile.PL to set prereqs
0.01 Mon Jan 6 19:16:27 2003
- original version; created by h2xs 1.21 with options
-X Mail::GnuPG