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This extension is Copyright (C) 2007 Best Practical Solutions, LLC.
It is freely redistributable under the terms of version 2 of the GNU GPL.
RT::Extension::ActivityReports::Billing is a plugin to the module
RT::Extension::ActivityReports that provides functionality for reporting on
billable time, and an interface to record whether a billable transaction has
been invoiced.
This extension requires version 0.10 of RT::Extension::ActivityReports.
To install the extension:
$ perl Makefile.PL
(it may prompt you for the path to your, if it can't
automatically detect it.)
$ make
$ make install
If this is the first time you are installing this extension:
$ make initdb
When these steps have completed successfully, restart your RT webserver.
Once installed, the billing activity report can be accessed in the pick-list shown
at http://<path_to_your_RT>/Reports/Activity/index.html