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This extension is Copyright (C) 2005 Best Practical Solutions, LLC.
It is freely redistributable under the terms of version 2 of the GNU GPL.
The ActivityReports extension lets you see:
* activity detail - a table of ticket status per queue, and totals
* activity summary - a one-line summary of all updates made
* resolution comments - summary of when tickets were resolved, duration
between creation and (latest) resolution
* resolution statistics - for each queue, average duration between
creation and (latest) resolution over the last 30, 60, 90 days, and all time
* time worked statistics - for each user, a table of every queue and how
long that user has worked on tickets that have been resolved in a
particular timeframe. for example, you can see how much time Joe has
spent on Basic Support (queue) tickets that have been resolved the day
after they were created
All of these reports can be filtered by actor, arbitrary search query,
and/or between two dates, so it's quite flexible.
To install the extension:
$ perl Makefile.PL
(it may prompt you for the path to your, if it can't
automatically detect it.)
$ make
$ make install
If you are using RT 3.8 or higher - add RT::Extension::ActivityReports
to @Plugins in your
Once installed, the activity reports can be accessed from the URL
and will also be available as a "generate reports" link at the bottom
of search results on 3.8 or as an Activity Reports tab in 4.0
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