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commit c3d0cd94a86ac8e369cc0c681306d83a904e4f29 1 parent 3f7d85c
@ruz ruz authored
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8 lib/RT/Extension/
@@ -14,9 +14,11 @@ RT::Extension::Captcha - solve a CAPTCHA before some actions in RT
-This extension for RT 3.8.1 or newer. At this point only captcha is
-required for creating a ticket. Users who have right 'OnCaptchaOnCreate'
-will see no captchas.
+This extension for RT 3.8.1 or newer. At this point solving captchas is
+required when user create a ticket using either regular interface or
+quick create (with 3.8.2 or newer only) and on replies/comments (updates).
+Users who have right 'OnCaptchaOnCreate' or 'OnCaptchaOnUpdate' will see
+no captchas on corresponding actions.
As GD's built in font is kinda small, we enabled ttf support and
it's not configurable at this point. Either hack this extension
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