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RT-Extension-CloneTicket-WithData version 0.04

How to install:

1. Run "perl Makefile.PL"

2. Run "make"

3. Run "make install" (you may need root permissions)

4. patch RT
   If you're running 3.6.5:
    $ patch -p0 -d /opt/rt3 < patch_on_3.6.5

   If you're running 3.8:
    $ patch -p0 -d /opt/rt3 < patch_on_3.8
5. Additionally, if you're running 3.8, you'll need to add
   "RT::Extension::CloneTicket::WithData" to @Plugins in
   etc/  For example:
    Set(@Plugins, qw(RT::Extension::CloneTicket::WithData));

6. Clear RT's mason cache and restart the web server to make sure the
   extension is incorporated.
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