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RT-Extension-JSGantt version 0.01

How to install:

1. perl Makefile.PL
2. make
3. make install ( you may need root permission )
4. config items in etc/
    # add RT::Extension::JSGantt to @Plugins: e.g.
    # customize JSGantt as you wish:

        DefaultFormat => 'day', # or week or month or quarter
        ShowOwner     => 1,
        ShowProgress  => 1,
        ShowDuration  => 1,
        ColorScheme => ['ff0000', 'ffff00', 'ff00ff', '00ff00', '00ffff', '0000ff'],
        # if can't find both start and end dates, use this color
        NullDatesColor => 333,
        # to caculate day length
        WorkingHoursPerDay => 8,
        # used to set start/end if one exists but the other does not
        DefaultDays => 7,

5. patch /Ticket/Elements/ShowSummary if you are using rt < 3.9
    $ patch /path/to/Ticket/Elements/ShowSummary < /path/to/rt/local/plugins/RT-Extension-JSGantt/etc/jsgantt-showsummary.diff
6. restart RT

How to update jsgantt.js and jsgantt.css:

To make it work better with RT, we changed original jsgantt.js and jsgantt.css,
which can be found in jsgantt.diff.

If you want to update jsgantt.js and jsgantt.css to a new version, please 
review the diff to see what have been changed and maybe do the same change too.

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