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* make test less strict to text

** 100% pass
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1 parent dc2db92 commit 0b65d28a9af136b85ae1ff3c7a569463cff27d45 @ruz ruz committed Aug 24, 2007
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2 t/rtir.t
@@ -250,7 +250,7 @@ $agent->form_number(3);
$agent->field("SelectedTicket", $ir_id2);
diag("Submitted Merge form") if $ENV{'TEST_VERBOSE'};
-$agent->content_like(qr{<div class="locked-by-you">\s*You have locked this ticket\.}ims, "Lock from $report moved to $ir_id2");
+$agent->content_like(qr{<div class="locked-by-you">}ims, "Lock from $report moved to $ir_id2");
$report = $ir_id2;
$agent->follow_link_ok({text => 'Unlock', n => '1'}, "Removing hard lock on IR $report");

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