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  1. Limit tickets to one requestor
  2. Customize CSS per queue
  3. "Temporary replacement owner" custom role
  4. Add Type to txn display (in markup)
  5. Custom ticket create form
  6. Move attachments from external storage back to the DB
  7. "Do not reply below this line" to trim long threads from email
  8. Suppress requestor notifications for staff email but not web updates
  9. Decrypt messages in-place after receipt
  10. Crypto error email notifications in ticket history
  11. Download original email as attachment
  12. Custom fields display/sort numerically
  13. Using DryRun by hand
  14. Add Assets to RTIR Lookup tool
  15. All search page: create page with search results from tickets, assets, users, etc.
  16. dig -mx lookup on RTIR lookup tool
  17. Provide a row at the bottom of search results with functions like SUM
  18. Add checkboxes for selecting AttachmentZip attachments to download
  19. Automatic language translation on reply (hard to set up automatic translation, but otherwise easy in RT)


  1. Article templates
  2. Does RT::Extension::AttachmentsZip work on 4.4?
  3. Add scrip action/condition as a file instead of user-defined
  4. "Initial resolved" date cf of scrip (slide 358)
  5. Hide reminders globally / ticket display panel only
  6. Add more help text to simple search page (callbacks: slide 314) /opt/rt4/local/html/Callbacks/Paris2017/Search/Simple.html/PostForm
  7. Translate "Incident Reports" to "Suspicious Events"
  8. Add custom links to ticket Action menu
  9. Hide time fields / priority
  10. Default search builder queue
  11. Write new tests in an extension, especially email
  12. Copy this comment to parent ticket, optional txn cf for yes/no
  13. ColumnMap (adding search columns)
  14. External custom field values sources
  15. Hit a web API from a scrip
  16. Working SLA config