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Customer-facing frontend
Unauthenticated frontend
Search for articles by content and/or metadata
Display individual articles
Allow users to comment on or ask questions about an article
Custom mason components to allow pre-defined custom field and content searches to be constructed by URL or embedded in pages
URLs should be easy to construct and parse
Seals of approval
Email -> Article gateway, with at least some categorization and metadata fill in .
=== content of docs/todo file
Document RTFM 2.0 -> new upgrade procedure
Add menus to associate custom fields with a given class
When extracting an article from an RT link, shall add functionality to automatically create the relationship and provide links between the original ticket and the newly created article.
Custom fields:
Add back wikitext fields
Hierarchy selection on article creation
M. Menu
FAQ Class page: Show linkable hierarchies with an option to show all (like a table of contents).
Access control:
Configuration should not be shown unless the user has
permissions to Configure a class.
N. Formatting
Custom field UI display cleanup:
Needs to be more space between each custom field
(ie, Answer and Question need more separation).
Search UI
If link "Show advanced search options" is selected,
the Search section should appear at the top of the page.
Saved searches
Bookmarkable searches
Search in upper right shall query article id, name and summary.
Add: Search all custom fields for _____
Search by hierachy