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A distributed issue tracker; upstream is now

make sure to call set_db_defaults on foreign replica clone

I don't super like this fix, but it's a simpler solution than any other
I can think of right now.
latest commit 1210a16e30
Christine Spang spang authored
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bin on git-sd init, if we have an url for origin, and the url match githu…
contrib Add git post-commit hook to close tickets
doc write_a_connector doc
etc The git sd completion wasn't working
lib/App make sure to call set_db_defaults on foreign replica clone
share/web/static Implementation of a web view of replica history
t fix t/sd-rt/basic.t
tools make Net::DNS happy on mac
xt/release move xt/*.t to xt/release/ to make M::I::ExtraTests 0.007 happy
.gitignore ignore t/tmp
Changes Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 0.74. Changelog diff is:
MANIFEST.SKIP Fix a broken regexp in manifest.skip
Makefile.PL add missing Path::Class hm sync dep
README Added a spurious newline


SD is a peer-to-peer replicated distributed issue tracker.

Copyright 2008-2009 Best Practical Solutions. 
Distributed under the terms of the MIT License
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