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Revision history for Test-Spelling
0.15 2011-08-22
- Begin adding actual tests
(Hilariously, adding the suggested t/pod-spell.t to this
dist to test itself found a typo: "stopwards")
0.14 2011-05-27
- Fix an error when using add_stopwords("constant", "strings")
[ #68471] (reported by Nicholas Bamber)
0.13 2011-04-27
- Make alternatives checking more robust by reading the spellchecker's
0.12 2011-04-25
- Best Practical has taken over maintainership of this module
- Try various spellcheck programs instead of hardcoding the ancient
`spell` [ #56483] (reported by Lars Dɪᴇᴄᴋᴏᴡ, et al)
- Remove temporary files more aggressively [ #41586]
(reported by Tokuhiro Matsuno)
- fixed by not creating them at all :) instead we now use IPC::Open3
- Remove suggestion to use broken `aspell -l` [ #28967]
(reported by David Hand)
- Add set_pod_file_filter for skipping translations, etc.
[ #63755] (reported by me :))
- Skip tests in all_pod_files_spelling_ok if there is no working
- Provide a has_working_spellchecker so you can skip your own tests if
there's no working spellchecker
- Switch to Module::Install
- Rewrite and modernize a lot of the documentation
- Decruftify code, such as by using Exporter and lexical filehandles
- Support .plx files (you're welcome Schwern)
0.11 2005-11-15
- Some documentation fixes.
- Added note about per-file stopwords by Chris Dolan.
- Use a temporary file instead of open2() to solve win32 portability
issues. (Thanks to Chris Laco!)
0.10 2005-08-02
- First version