parses an Apk, uses aapt
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First install aapt (on Debian or derivatives install using apt-get)

Install using go get

$ go get

How to use

func main() {
   apk := Parse("to_be_parsed.apk")
   if apk == nil {
      // some error, install aapt or give correct path
  // Use all data in Apk(see below Apk struct)

Apk Struct

type Apk struct {
	Permissions         []string
	FeaturesNotRequired []string
	FeaturesRequired    []string
	LibsNotRequired     []string
	LibsRequired        []string // TODO
	AppLabel            string
	PackageName         string
	VersionCode         int
	VersionName         string
	TargetSdkVersion    string
	SdkVersion          string
	GlUse               string
	NativeCode          string