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Slack client in Golang

This library allows you to send data into slack group/channel using a Incoming Webhook url.

How to send data

slack.Send(username, webhookIncoming, text, iconUrl string, attachments ...slackAttachement) error

SlackAttachment struct

type SlackAttachment struct {
	Fallback string `json:"fallback"`
	Color    string `json:"color"`
	Pretext  string `json:"pretext"`

	AuthorName string `json:"author_name"`
	AuthorLink string `json:"author_link"`
	AuthorIcon string `json:"author_icon"`

	Title     string `json:"title"`
	TitleLink string `json:"title_link"`

	Text string `json:"text"`

	MarkdownIn string `json:"mrkdwn_in"`

	Fields []SlackAttachmentField `json:"fields"`

type SlackAttachmentField struct {
	Title string `json:"title"`
	Value string `json:"value"`
	Short bool   `json:"short"`