Betaflight 3.1.0-RC8

@borisbstyle borisbstyle released this Jan 14, 2017 · 17 commits to master since this release

Betaflight 3.1.0 (Release Candidate 8)

Betaflight firmware has undergone some major changes under the hood. Hardware drivers have been optimised to improve future maintainibility, but also easier target and hardware support. The efficiency of the code has also been improved by a lot as the Betaflight team reviewed each line of the code to squeeze every possible performance win out of it for flight performance purposes. The difference between the current release and previous one is over 1700 code commits by various developers. Only release note highlights are represented. For full change history github commit history can be reviewed.

Release note highlights:

  • Added F7 support with already few supported targets - @sambas
  • Dynamic IO / pin allocation - @blckmn
  • DSHOT support for F3 and F4. DSHOT150, 300, 600, and 1200 supported (read wiki about board supported hardware) - @blckmn
  • Full Floating Point Logic for flight behaviour - @borisbstyle
  • Many new dynamic configurations (filters, setpoint weights etc.) - @borisbstyle
  • Many code optimisations (faster pid speeds possible on F3 and F4) - @martinbudden and @borisbstyle
  • Support for KISS ESC telemetry (only with DSHOT) - @basdelfos
  • Added temperature and RPM to KISS ESC telemetry - @mikeller
  • Added serial esc pass-through for KISS24 and CASTLE esc's - @sambas
  • New target support
  • Added CMS display support - @jflyper
  • Added CSRF support for TBS receivers and associated telemetry - @martinbudden and @blckmn
  • Added additional OSD parameters like pids and power - @martinbudden and @rafl
  • Added unify smartaudio support - @jflyper
  • Added MSP over Smartport - @raphaelcoeffic
  • Auto Video Format support for OSD
  • Configurator enhancements - @mikeller
  • Speeded up build system, needed now there are so many targets - @AndersHoglund
  • Fixed JUMBO frame handling on VCP targets, so blackbox logs can be downloaded more quickly - @AndersHoglund
  • New "anti_gravity_threshold" parameter to improve stability in fast changing G forces during flight. This applies to quick throttle jumps where multirotor can go through weightless transitions. In these cases the iterm can cause unwanted effects like pitching up or yawing due to strong changes in accumulation polarities. - @borisbstyle
  • Protection against selecting motor protocols that are too slow (e.g. when ONESHOT125 is selected the maximum allowed PID and motor update frequency will be 2kHz) - @borisbstyle
  • Added experimental 32kHz support for gyros that support it - @martinbudden. Usually F4 board will run fine on 32kHz gyro and 16kHz pid loop. 32/32 is slightly too much for CPU. F7 target is now the only one able to run 32kHz/32kHz flawlessly with even accelerometer enabled. To enable 32kHz mode use CLI setting gyro_use_32khz = ON. (Configurator will not display correct speed until the next configurator update, but you will see the real cycletime). NOTE - only flight controllers with MPU6500, MPU9250, and ICM-series (eg ICM20689) gyro support 32kHz mode.
  • Blackbox enhancements (use 2.5.8 blackbox-viewer) - @GaryKeeble
  • and many more.
  • Added new level sensitivity and level limit parameters in degrees. level_limit is the maximum allowed angle. Level_sensitivity is the max deflection on full stick @borisbstyle

NOTE: You will need to use configurator 1.8.8 and blackbox 2.5.9 or higher for the features in this release

RC2 - Fix in rc expo symmetry // fix missing baro on some targets
RC3 - Enable experimental 32khz support
RC4 - Fix non MPU INT supporting targets // Added MPU Int NAZE // Fix adjustment for setpoint // Some cleanups
RC5 - Fix more non MPU INT supporting targets // fixed RACEBASE and some SPRACINGF3 variants // Fix ledstrip on BETAFLIGHTF3 // DSHOT900 and DSHOT1200 added for testing (only to be enable through cli for now)
RC6 - Fix ledstrip IMPULSERCF3 // Fix DSHOT for SIRINFPV // Add PODIUMF4 // Improved CPU usage // Optimised RC interpolation // Improve DSHOT speed // Add more safety in DSHOT limits (DSHOT150 is limited to 4khz)
RC7 - Fix gyro detection handling for 32k mode // Improved target limitiation
RC8 - Fix FPV angle mix // Added RG_SSD_F3 target // SPRACINGF3NEO DSHOT optimalisations // CC3D_OPBL fix // Remove MSP from UART1 by default // Added debug for gyro calibration noise // Minor optimalisations


Betaflight 3.0.1

@borisbstyle borisbstyle released this Oct 18, 2016 · 1802 commits to master since this release

Betaflight 3.0.1 (3.0 patch 1)

  • Finalized OSD Code. (More OSD configuration options)
  • Changed Relaxation Parameter to act as transition (Helps better against bounce backs on higher rates with high setpoint weight)
  • Fixed non working Baro for some boards
  • Added second notch for gyro (set gyro_notch1_hz and set gyro_notch2_hz, also available in the new 1.8.3 configurator)
  • Added configurable pidSum limit
  • New filter defaults (notch filters enabled by default)
  • Added BEEBRAIN target

BetaflightGroup is a list of developers who are actively working to improve this open source project:
Martin Budden
Jason Blackman (blckmn)
Michael Keller (mikeller)
Nathan (nathantsoi)
Anton Stålheim (KiteAnton)
Albert Kravcov (skaman82)
Anders Höglund
Gary Keeble (MadmanK)

And many many others to all who contributed the code and still occassionally contributing!