Betaflight 2.6.1

@borisbstyle borisbstyle released this Apr 8, 2016

Release 2.6.1

  • Very long waited VCP passthrough thanks to 4712! (You do need latest blhelisuite!
  • 4 way interface passthrough, which also works for simonk bootloader through blhelisuite
  • Remove old simonk passthrough
  • Cli bugfix for configuring Yaw lpf
  • Fix low throttle arming for 3D mode on switch.
  • Fix for re-arming when calibration set to be prior arming (only for switch armers due to safety reasons)
  • Fix IBUS to have 10 channels
  • Add frsky average voltage on A4
  • Fix for transponder for SPRACINGF3MINI target
  • Luxfloat has now exact same rate and PID scaling like rewrite. The defaults are now same. Makes switching between these 2 easier. Luxfloat users need to readjust rates and perhaps slightly their PID's. See wiki for more info
  • Added new targets DOGE and SPRACINGF3EVO
  • Fix for uninitialized averageSum
  • New Horizon default sensitivity (Level D is now horizon sensitivity for luxfloat and rewrite)
  • Improved CLI help. Cli now shows the available config ranges for each parameter

Upgrading from 2.6.0 will not erase your settings!