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Please read the Instructions for Upgrading.


  • Full F7 support (@sambas @blckmn )
  • SITL simulator support (@cs8425)
  • Added crosshairs to CMS (@lostcontrol)
  • Improved ITerm windup handling for tricopter (@martinbudden)
  • Added SP RACING F3 OSD/PDB suport (@hydra)
  • Added horizon_tilt_effect command (@ethomas997)
  • Improved scheduler efficiency (@lilcw)
  • Increased motor output resolution (@borisbstyle)
  • Improved pwm timer precision (@blckmn)
  • Added new motor protocol Proshot1000 (@TonyBazz)
  • Improved configuration architecture (PG implementation @martinbudden , @ledvinap)
  • OSD improvements
  • New target support
  • Added Automatic Notch filter based on noise frequency (@rav-rav , @martinbudden)
  • Fix/enable disabling of rc smoothing in level modes
  • Flip inverted quad on ground (anti-turtle mode) (@brycedjohnson)
  • Improved blackbox storage to be more compact. Allows recording at higher rates and/or longer logs on flash storage (@martinbudden)
  • Camera control (@DieHertz)
  • TBS compatible LED frequency indicator
  • beeper / OSD / CLI indication of reason for not arming
  • Added Iterm limit to prevent strong accumulations
  • MSP over CRSF (@codecae)

Experimental - use with caution

  • Added experimental crash detection and recovery (@martinbudden)
  • Added experimental CPU overclock options for F4


  • Fix GPS serial overflow (@mikeller)
  • Fixed destabilisation on full throttle when Airmode disabled
  • Less chance on yaw spins with Iterm limit

Known issues:

  • The configuration after an upgrade from a previous version of the firmware is not properly reset, and is likely to be corrupted. To fix this, always do a CLI backup, before the upgrade, then do a 'Reset to defaults' / CLI defaults after upgrading, and restore from the backup (#4280);
  • Dshot does not work on F7 targets (#4129);
  • MavLink port sharing with MSP does not work (#4287);
  • Camera control menu is overlaid with the OSD statistics page if camera control is invoked from the statistics page (#4293);
  • When a battery is connected, the ESCs are initialised twice in a row (i.e. the initialisation beeps sound twice) (#4322).