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Welcome to the BetaFlight Wiki!

New to Betaflight and just want to get started? See the installation section.


Betaflight 4.1

For Betaflight 4.0 we announced the advent of Unified Targets, and with them the capability to change all of the hardware resources on all (F4 and F7) targets. Unified Targets have been used successfully by testers since Betaflight 4.0 has been released, and users using the new bidirectional Dshot protocol have been using configurable resources to make this protocol work on their targets since then.

But we were still not happy with the way that users had to use Unified Targets: The target specific hardware configuration had to be applied after the firmware was flashed, and re-applied every time the configuration was reset to defaults - we wanted to make the Unified Targets as easy to use as the existing 'legacy' targets are.

We have figured out a way to make this work, and are currently working on implementing the required changes in the firmware and in Betaflight configurator, but it's taking longer than we'd anticipated to complete. To allow us to get the integration of Unified Targets completed, we have shifted the release date for Betaflight 4.1 to 01 October 2019. Until then we will keep doing monthly releases of Betaflight 4.0 with bugfixes and new / updated targets.

To get the latest update from us, you can now also visit our webpage at


Date Event
01 September 2019 Start of feature freeze / Release Candidate window for Betaflight 4.1
01 October 2019 Planned release date for Betaflight 4.1


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Wiki Tips:

  • Searching the Wiki-
    Type in URL bar of the Web Browser:
    " PT1" (wiki search for term 'PT1')
    " PT1" (broader search for term 'PT1')

  • Note that Default settings as well as CLI commands may change from one Version to the next. We try to list these under the Version Release Notes but not always get them all. a method to use to keep track of changes and to check these yourself is:
    After Flashing but before configuring do the CLI Dump then Copy/paste this into a Text file named with V#. Then on next update do this again to a new text file.
    This allows you to check for differences by either manually compared the two text files or by using an Difference option in a text editor. NotePad++ is one such editor with a good difference feature.

  • If not in this Wiki please try the docs directory as another source for information. Note: includes some documentation from Cleanflight

  • All BASICs and alternate methods to config and flash are in the NAZE32 Manual here:


Betaflight is software that is open source and is available free of charge without warranty to all users.

Betaflight is a Cleanflight fork started by BorisB. It used to work as a beta test platform for Cleanflight and kept pushing the envelope in terms of performance, but it eventually evolved into a fully grown up, stable and well maintained firmware by various developers. In fact it looks like it is the number 1 open source multi-rotor firmware according to Google Trends analysis around January 2017.

The name "Beta" comes from the fact it started with a goal to keep trying new things out and have quick and easy test distributions available. The name "Beta" has stuck as the brand name was strong at the moment where it transitioned from beta to stable and there was already a lot of documentation around.

"This project also helps by contributing to other open source projects like iNav." - says Boris B (lead developer)

3Min video of Betaflight Evolution from Baseflight->Cleanflight->Betaflight Betaflight Evolution


Betaflight is also always being adjusted to support most current Cleanflight tools like Configurator and EzGui devices and many other MSP tools. There is no special tool needed just for Betaflight.

Firmware Releases

Releases can be found here: or downloaded from configurator. Also check the Upgrading List to the Right for Release Notes and other Details on the various Versions.


If you want to contribute to better development you can download the latest beta build directly from:

You can find release planning here:

Configuration Tool

To configure Betaflight you should use the latest stable Betaflight-configurator GUI tool (Windows/OSX/Linux) that can be found in google chrome store:


If you want to contribute to better development you can download the latest or any of the older BetaFlight configurator from:
The following method also allows more than one Version of the configurator to be installed.

Instructions (the README.MD file in the download is NOT correct):
Note: these instruction work for Chrome version 59.0. Other versions and Chromium may have different Menus so Use the Help to learn how to install Extensions)

1. Clone the repo to any local directory or download source as zip, click the GREEN "Clone or download" button, Select "Download ZIP
2. Unzip on your PC, remember the location
3. Start Chromium or Google Chrome
4. Click the 3-dots on the far right of the URL bar
5. Select "More Tools" then "extensions
6. Check the "Developer mode" checkbox
7. Click on load unpacked extension and point it to the Betaflight Configurator directory (for example D:/betaflight-configurator)
Then you'll see the new configurator in your Chrome extensions.

Mobile Flight for iPhone and iPad

thread: v2.0 is in Beta Testing- See post:

BlackBox Viewer

Viewer Releases are here:

The Latest Viewer source is here:
See BB Logging and Usage Wiki page on using the BB logger.

BetaFlight Logos

Links to logos (Note: The bee/wasp in the logo is different from the one that was finally adopted):

Here the original ones designed by skaman82:

Or The logo bf uses is at the top of this wiki page, just mouse right and save image as, cut the writing if you don't want it

Other Firmware that runs on same hardware as BF and has related source code:

Official CleanFlight documentation:

Check out the INAV project. It's focused on GPS/Alt Hold/Autonomous flight.

Providing feedback and contributing to this project

Visit this RC Groups Forum to join the discussion:

Financial support to the Betaflight Team by PayPal donation:



Getting Started

Release Notes

Tuning Tips

Setup and More




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