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Betaflight resource remapping

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Resource Remapping Command

NOTE: this command is only available in version 3.1 and newer of Betaflight.

The IO remapping allows you to configure the pins on the MCU to be utilised for various functions. This is the starting framework - more work can be done.

Pins are remapped using the resources command line interface command.

resource [function name] [index] [pin] (e.g. resource MOTOR 1 A1)

Where MOTOR is the function, 1 is the motor index (1 based e.g. 1-4 on a quad) and A1 is Port A pin 1 or more commonly referred to as PA1 in STM datasheet documentation.

To remove a mapping, use NONE in place of PIN, e.g. resource MOTOR 5 NONE

Where a function does not require an index (i.e. there is only 1 possible pin assignment), e.g. BEEPER, SONAR_ECHO or SONAR_TRIGGER then the index must be omitted (e.g. resource BEEPER B6)

resource on its own will list all the available configurable options, and their current setting. This is the output to be added to the dump for use in backing up and restoring configuration. Note that this command will list all configured that would be allocated if used.

As an example resource will show motors 1-8, but if your mixer is set to QuadX then only motors 1-4 will actually be used, if you change to Oct as the mixer (and reboot) then all 8 motors will be configured.

resource list will list all pins and their current assignments, including all those in use by system components and not configurable by the user. It will also list the currently active DMA utilisation. Note for any adjustments made a save and reboot is required in order for those changes to be visible here. Consider this command the output of the currently active state.

Note that the save command must be used after changing pin mapping via the CLI.

Figure: How different resource command variation works

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