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AirBotF4 and FLIP32F4

Flip32F4 and AirBotF4 are essentially the same. Both are based on the OP Revolution design, with some changes and addons.

Firmware targets

For boards with a SDCARD holder, use AIRBOTF4SD. Otherwise, use AIRBOTF4.

Board specific 3.2 changes

LED strip has been changed to MCU pin PB6, which is connected to designated LED signal pin on most Airbot/FLIP32 F4 boards. Try rewiring your LEDs to the pin.

If you choose to keep the current wiring, you can do so by entering the CLI command

resource motor 5 none
resource led_strip a1

Dual gyro boards

With dual gyro variant of the AirbotF4 and FLIP32F4 (e.g. FLIP32-F4-DUAL GYRO EDITION), gyro to use can be selected by CLI variable gyro_to_use.

set gyro_to_use = 0 # Selects MPU6000
set gyro_to_use = 1 # Selects ICM2060x

Serial RX UART and programmable inverters on Airbot F4 variants

Applicable to post-3.1.7 builds

Board Serial RX Inverter CLI Command
Airbot F4 MPU9250 UART1 resource inverter 1 a10
Airbot F4 Nano UART3 resource inverter 3 a8
Airbot F4 Dual Gyro UART6 resource inverter 6 d2 (default for AIRBOTF4SD target)


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