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KakuteF7 is a newer generation All-In-One flight controller of Holybro. It integrates flight controller (FC), power distribution board (PDB), and on-screen display (OSD) in one.

Benefits of KakuteF7 Compared to KakuteF4

•F7 is a faster processor (216MHz vs 168MHz of F4), the faster speed F7 processor allows for faster looptime in theory without overclocking like we do with F4 running 32KHz

•F7 offers more UART’s with built-in hardware inversion

•F7 has superscalar pipeline and DSP capabilities – basically that means the F7 is a better platform for future development that allows the developers to further optimize the flight controller algorithms

•Onboard Baro BMP280, Support more flight mode

•Support SD card for Blackbox logging

•I2C1 Pads for external compass connection


Top View

Bottom View


•MCU: STM32F745VG 32-bit processor,216MHz

•IMU: ICM20689 and MPU6000 double IMU

•Baro: BMP280

•USB VCP Driver (all UARTs usable simultaneously; USB does not take up a UART)

•6 hardware UARTS (UART1,2,3,4,6,7)

•1 I2C for external compass

•SD card for Blackbox logging

•Dimensions: 35x43x6mm (includes USB in height)

•Mounting Holes: Standard 30.5mm square to center of holes

•Weight: 8g

Pinout Diagram

Top View

BUZ- : Piezo buzzer negative leg

LED : WS2182 addressable LED signal wire

R1, T1 : UART1 RX and TX

R2, T2 : UART2 RX and TX

R3, T3 : UART3 RX and TX

R4, T4 : UART4 RX and TX

R6, T6 : UART6 RX and TX


RSSI : Analog (0-3.3v) RSSI input

PPM : PPM Receiver input

SCL,SDA : I2C1 signal

3V3 : 3.3v output (200 mA max)

5V : 5v output (1.5 A max)

M1 to M6 : Motor signal outputs

VO : Video output to video transmitter

VI : Video input from FPV camera

Boot : Bootloader button

G : Ground

B+ : Battery positive voltage (2S-6S)

+ : Main battery lead positive

- : Main battery lead negative

Target Code


Manufacturers and Distributors (Manufacturer & Designer)


FAQ & Known Issues

“Board Align” Feature Documentation

Other Resources

Contact us at:


•Facebook Page: Holybro

•Facebook Group: Holybro Hobby Official Group