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Four FCs that all use the same Target HEX

  • MotoF3 - Board shape designed for the ImpulseRC Warp Quads as part of the frame.
  • Tornado - Does not allow BLHeli Pass-through due to have 5V uni-directional drivers on the motor output pins.
    Requires a Pololu 5V regulator mounted on the board.
  • Cyclone - Like the Tornado but supports BLHeli pass-through and has the 5V regulator built onto the board.
  • Tempest (F3 version) - Has PDB built into the board as well as a 5V regulator to power accessories.

MCU, Sensors and Features


  • MCU: STM32F3
  • IMU: MPU6000, SPI (Cyclone, Tempest) : MPU6050, IIC (MotoF3, Tornado)
  • IMU Interrupt:
  • BARO: No
  • VCP: Yes
  • Hardware UARTS: 3
  • OSD: No
  • Blackbox: Serial
  • PPM/UART Shared: UART2
  • Battery Voltage Sensor: Yes
  • Integrated Voltage Regulator: Yes (MotoF3, Cyclone, Tempest) : Pololu 5V (Tornado)
  • Brushed Motor Mosfets: No
  • Buttons: None. Solder BOOT pads


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Manufacturers and Distributors

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Similar Targets

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FAQ & Known Issues

  • The BF developers removed flash support from the MotoLab target in 3.1.x. The other MotoLab boards use the same target but don't have flash, so apparently they overlooked the MotoF3 and thought the flash code wasn't needed.

  • To use DSHOT ESC protocol with ßF3.1 Motor1 needs to be re-mapped to the PPM pin.

  • Tornado has output driver chips so can not add a wire to the output pin header to use DSHOT. So just wire Motor #1's ESC directly to the PPM pin and re-map.

  • The Cyclone and Tempest boards can have the PPM pin wired to the motor #1 output pin.

See the DSHOT & Betaflight page.

For Cyclone & Tempest -
A wire can be soldered from the PPM pin to the motor 1 header pin or just connect ESC#1 directly to the PPM pin. Note: Adding this wire is not required if you connect signal wire from ESC #1 directly to the PPM pin.
Move motor 1 from Output #1 header pin to the PPM input header pin.

Follow above and to re-map output type in CLI:
resource ppm none
resource motor 1 A07

The CLI re-mapping is:
resource motor 7 none
resource ppm none
resource motor 1 A07

  • Report that with the Mod and remapping to run DSHOT there is a conflict with DMA for LEDs with Motor #4.
    Currently LEDs need to be disabled to run DSHOT.
    ctzsnooze reported a fix:
    The solution, for versions of betaflight before 3.3, is to solder the ESC signal wire for motor 4 to the motor 5 pad, and in the CLI save:
    resource MOTOR 4 A01
    resource MOTOR 5 NONE

Servo_tilt with DSHOT on BF3.1:

Do mod and setup for DSHOT as above.
Outputs 7 & 8 on the Cyclone (Tornado & Tempest) have timers available for servos (Outputs 5 & 6 might also be available but not tested).
In CLI type:

resource motor 7 none
resource motor 8 none
resource servo 1 A03
resource servo 2 A08

Reconnect USB and reopen configurator.
On Config Tab Enable 'Servo_tilt' and click "SAVE and REBOOT". On Servo Tab check CH1 (Roll) for Servo 0 (servo 0 here is Servo 1 in CLI) and check CH2 (Pitch) for Servo 1. Click Save. Outputs 7 & 8 should now be 1000 to 2000usec servo pulses. Use the Motors Tab to check or an O'scope on the output pins. Adjust the MIN & MAX to get the movement desired.

Tri-copter with Dshot ESCs on BF3.1:

Must add wire from PPM to output1 for Dshot. Servo must be on output 5 or 6 (Timer restriction: see SERVO_TILT wiki page). Do NOT enable SERVO_TILT, selecting TRICOPTER directs Yaw stick to Servo 1.
Re-map motor 5 to Servo 1 with the following CLI commands (servo on output 5):

resource MOTOR 5 none
resource servo 1 A01

Hex-copter with Dshot ESCs on BF3.1:

This did not seem to work. No DSHOT output on motor 1 (No DMA assignment) and bad output on motor 6.

Other Resources

Setup Guides:

Tornado and Cyclone




Getting Started

Release Notes

Tuning Tips

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