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* fix(behaviour): operators of association operators can only see their own offers, whatever their department
* feat(seed) : adding api offer in the past

Co-authored-by: Martin <>

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Things you may want to cover:

  • Ruby version: 2.7.2
  • Database postgresql 12
  • Initialize with : initdb /usr/local/var/postgres -E utf8
  • Create local db : createdb monstage
  • Start with : pg_ctl -D /usr/local/var/postgres start
  • Stop with : pg_ctl -D /usr/local/var/postgres stop
  • Install html5validator : pip install html5validator

  • Install postgis :

    • If you are using, Postgis is already here
    • If you installed postgres with Homebrew, run : brew install postgis
    • Setup Postgis : rake db:gis:setup
  • avoid rebuilding api doc : ./infra/dev/

  • setup db:

    • ./infra/dev/ (require a pg export)
    • ./infra/test/
  • create rails master.key : touch config/master.key (then copy paste the entrey rails master key from monstage.kdbx)


We keep things simple and secure :

  • a simple monolith mostly based on rails
  • minimals effort for an SPA like feeling while ensuring it works without js (90% based on turbolinks, some react for advanced user inputs [autocomplete, nearby searches], other wise a good old html form is required)
  • we try to avoid stacking technologies over technologies (fewer dependencies makes us happy).
  • we try to keep our dependencies up to date (bundle update, yarn update... at least once a month).


  • Rails defaults
  • Postgres as RDBMS
  • Postgres with Postgis for geoqueries
  • Postgres for FTS
  • Postgres(notify) with ActionCable for wss://
  • Redis & Sidekiq for Async jobs


  • Turbolink based "SPA"
  • Use bootstrap
  • Use stimulus to improve simple components ex: a11y datetime inputs, flash messages [auto hide on mobile], multi select inputs [just (un/)select a list of inputs]
  • Use react when complexity grows ex :
  • student searches for school by [,], then chooses school, then chooses classroom.
  • someone searches for internship offers by keyword,, {location}.radius, keyword

3rd party services

As a public french service, we try to keep most data hosted by french service provider with servers located in france (in hope to stay compliant with most regulations)





Build: test, dev

documentation (browse with github, having at root of each folder)


start project

bundle install
yarn install
foreman start -f

Tooling: linting, etc...

  • ensure we are not commiting a broken circle ci config file : cp ./infra/dev/pre-commit ./.git/hooks/
  • mail should be opened automatically by letter opener

Etapes de travail jusqu'au merge dans master

  • (master) $ git checkout -b mabranche # donc creer sa feature branch
  • (mabranche) $ git commit # coder sa feature et commiter
  • (mabranche) $ git checkout master # besoin de récupérer le code de master? on repasse sur master
  • (master) $ git pull origin master --rebase # on rebase la différence par rapport a soi-même
  • (master) $ git checkout mabranche # on repasse sur sa branche
  • (mabranche) $ git merge master # on merge master dans sa propre branche



our test suite contains

  • unit tests, we try to everything undercontrol with many tests (maybe>75% test coverage)
  • systems, testing feature in e2e mode. those test keeps html version for later processing
    • w3c (using previously created html files)
    • a11y (using previously created html files)

you can also run all kinds of test in one run ./infra/test/

about/run units test

run with rails test (JS is not executed, so quick tests)

about/run system/e2e tests

by default we run our tests with a chrome_headless (JS is executed, kinda slow tests).

  • run in background (chrome_headless) : rails test:system
  • run in foreground, with visual feedback : BROWSER=firefox|chrome|safari rails test:system

about/run w3c tests (using vnu.jar)

those tests depends on the system / e2e (which goes throught a web browser with js execution, then save .html files). run w3c tests via ./infra/test/

a11y tests (using pa11y-ci)

those tests depends on the system / e2e (which goes throught browser with js execution). run a11y tests via ./infra/test/

CI, full suite (unit, system, w3c, a11y)

Our CI (circleCI) run all 4 kinds of test. We used circleci configuration format : .circle/config file. Results are available using CircleCI ui.

Important notes :

User testing with review apps

our review apps are hosted by heroku, we also try to maintain a cross functionnal seed.rb (seeding of db) to try each and every key feature easily

review apps are accessible following this pattern https://monstage-{pr_name.parameterize}-{commit}

requirements: install heroku cli

Important notes :

  • deployed automatically via github/heroku for each pull requests.
  • see your PR on github for the review app link
  • seed: important heroku review app seeding is only done at opening of PR. if you change seed, close/open PR


requirements clever cloud cli :

Setup SSH public key

# add the pub key in your env
touch ~/.ssh/
# you'll find the public key content in our kdbx file (search for clever cloud public key)
# assigns appropriate rights
chmod 644 ~/.ssh/

Setup SSH private key

# create the priv key in your env
touch ~/.ssh/clevercloud-monstage
# you'll find the pkey content in our kdbx file (search for clever-cloud private key)
# assigns appropriate rights
chmod 600 ~/.ssh/clevercloud-monstage

Use ssh key

# ensure to use this key when connecting to clever hostnames
cat infra/dev/ssh/config >> ~/.ssh/config

staging app :

  • deployement automated via CI (merge on master, push on staging)
  • push on staging can be "forced" manually using infra/staging/
  • see other tools in infra/staging/*.sh (logs, console...)

production app :

  • push on production can be done manually using infra/production/
  • see other tools in infra/production/*.sh (logs, console...)

disaster recovery plan

in case of a disaster we do have a plan starting with : monstage-backup-manager