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Preuve de covoiturage

Preuve de covoiturage est un projet qui a pour but de certifier qu'un covoiturage a bien eu lieu. L'objectif de l'outil est l'incitation des utilisateurs à pratiquer le covoiturage courte distance pour réduire l'auto-solisme et réduire l'emprunte écologique des déplacements courts.


  • docker && docker-compose
  • make


The API and Dashboard repositories are separated from the main one. Running make install will clone them both at the right place.

The general documentation will be consolidated here. Issues arecreated on the corresponding repos


Service slug URL Folder Port
MongoDB mongo mongodb://mongo:27017 - 27017
Redis redis http://localhost:6379 - 6379
API api http://localhost:8080 /back-api 8080
Dashboard dash http://localhost:4200 /dashboard 4200


  1. Clone the repository and cd to it
  2. Run make install to setup all dependencies on all microservices


Secrets configuration

For all secrets, use the .env file which is NOT COMMITED to Git.

For none secret values configuring the system, commit the ENV vars in docker-compose.yml

For static application configuration (INSEE codes, timeout, etc.) edit/add the .yml files in config/ folder.

// relative path depends on the location of your file
const config = require("../../packages/config");

Development workflow

  1. Run docker-compose up api to start the backend
  2. Run docker-compose up dashboard to start the dashboard

Ctrl-C to kill the process

API documentation

coming soon ;)