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La loi papier sur la page de droite du dessin de l'énorme livre de droit, sera (page de droite) augmentée par du code interprétable

This repository powers and

It's a React, Redux, Webpack website hosted on Netlify with no backend.

The hiring simulator, available on both websites, embeds a model of the french tax system as a YAML domain specific language. It enables displaying the computing rules on the Web and having a single source of logic for both the computation engine (a JS library) and the generated end-user conversation-like form.

The engine with the French tax law is available as a NPM module and explained on the wiki.

Developed by the french public startup incubator,, with the help of the social security contributions collector, URSSAF.

Most of the documentation (including issues and the wiki) is written in french, please raise an issue if you are interested and do not speak French.

Run it

yarn install

yarn start

Supported browsers

The website will run well on modern browsers. IE 11 works, but can have visual glitches and performance issues.

This compatibility is tested thanks to BrowserStack's free open source program.

Logo de Browserstack, notre solution de tests manuels

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