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Ananannother happy happy playground >w☆(kira
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Ananannother happy happy playground >w☆(kira

The low-level APIs are just tooooooooo annoying... (Vulkan DX12 etc.)
They are F&^@$KING my brain...
I need warm warm OpenGL to play with lol

CS_Voxel Drawer

A simple voxel engine that uses compute shader to render the voxels.
here is an animated GIF:

Block Count = (10 x 10) x (32 x 32 x 32) = 320 (X) x 32 (Y) x 320 (Z)

It gets ~100FPS on my Razer 2017 ( GTX1060 6GB - 7700HQ - 16GB RAM ),
and gets ~140FPS on my desktop in my lab ( 1 of 3x GTX TITAN X 12GB - 5960X - 32GB RAM ).

It also has a LOD system based on Octrees:

Compile was compiled for Visual Studio 2015 x64.
You need extract that zip file in root folder. (NOT something like dep_glew_glfw_glut/...)
If you have other compilers, maybe you need complie those librarys from their own source.
you may need copy the .dll s from glut/bin and glew/bin.

GPU computes meshes of each chunk.

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