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Flower Text File Schema


This document describes the file structure and allowed properties of the Flower file format for Flour.


Each file is text based and can be edited by a normal text editor. Encoding is a non-issue as each command and property uses characters from the lower half of the standard ASCII character set. A flower file has the file extension .flower


Comments may take up an entire line or be placed within a line. A comment is prefixed with the # character. Once the # character is read, the rest of the line is ignored. Line and inline comments may use unicode.

Numbers and Number Lists

A number can be an integer or real, and be like the following;

  • 12
  • -12
  • 12.0
  • -12
  • 12E-8
  • -12E-8

A list of numbers is seperated by a comma , character, whitespace is ignored.

property 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9


A string value may take up the entire line. The first character of the string is the first character in the value is not whitespace. The string is terminated by the last non-whitespace character in the line.

property I am a string.
property        I am a string.


A flag is a PhysX mesh flag to change the mesh properties or the options of the cooker. Flags are strings prefixed with a + character.


List of Flags;

Flag name NxOgre Flag Description
+flip-normals MeshConstructionsFlags_FlipNormals Flip the normals
+16bit-indices MeshConstructionsFlags_16bitIndices Use smaller 16bit indices
+hardware MeshConstructionsFlags_HardwareMesh Simulate the mesh on hardware
+weldvertices None. Welds vertices of cloth within distance from each other.


A property is a line that has a property name, some whitespace (tabs or spaces) then the value.

property_name property_value

A property value may not be spanned across many lines. But some properties can be spread across many lines.

property_name property_value
property_name property_value2

The behavior of multiple properties is so;

  • If the property accepts a range of numbers then any additional values are appended.
  • If the property accepts a single value, then the new value replaces the previous one.

Depending on the mesh some properties may be ommitted.

  • Vertices; Triangle, Convex, Cloth and SoftBodies
  • Indexes; Triangle, Convex (Optional), Cloth and SoftBodies
  • Normals; Cloth and SoftBodies
  • Texture Coordinates; Cloth (Optional) and SoftBodies (Optional)
  • Index Materials; Triangle (Optional)
  • Vertex Flags; Cloth (Optional) and SoftBodies (Optional)
  • Vertex Masses; Cloth (Optional) and SoftBodies (Optional)

List of Properties

Property Name Property Description Property type Restriction
type Type of mesh String ‘convex’, ‘triangle’, ‘cloth’, ‘softbody’ or ‘skeleton’
vertices Vertices Real list list count must be divisible by 3
indices or indexes Indices Integer list list count must be divisible by 3
normals Vertex Normals Real list list count must be vertices size
texturecoords Texture coordinates Real list list count must be vertices size
materials Material indexes Integer list list count must be vertices size
vertexflags Vertex flags Integer list list count must be vertices size
vertexmasses Vertex masses Real list list count must be vertices size
weldingdistance Welding distance for cloth/softbodies Real Used with the weld vertices flag

Example “cube.flower” file

# Cube
type convex
vertices -100.0,100.0,-100.0    #0
vertices 100.0,100.0,-100.0     #1
vertices 100.0,-100.0,-100.0    #2
vertices -100.0,-100.0,-100.0   #3
vertices -100.0,100.0,100.0     #4
vertices 100.0,100.0,100.0      #5
vertices 100.0,-100.0,100.0     #6
vertices -100.0,-100.0,100.0    #7

indexes 0,2,3, 0,1,2, 1,6,2, 1,5,6, 4,6,5, 4,7,6, 0,7,4, 0,3,7, 0,5,1, 0,4,5, 2,7,3, 2,6,7


Future extensions to the flower file format may be the following;

  • Support for multiple meshes

Version: 0.25, Last modified; 03-June-2010, Authors: Robin Southern