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Third Party dependencies and foundation libraries for Karl's graphics projects

Nuparu currently consists of:


  • On OSX, all binary libraries except for TBB are statically linked
  • On Windows, all binary libraries except for TBB are statically linked
  • Since OSX ships with Zlib by default, Nuparu does not include Zlib for OSX
  • Nuparu does not contain the entirety of Boost; instead, only a subset of Boost required for OpenVDB is included. The components of Boost included are header-only.
  • OpenVDB has a slight modification in Coord.h for Windows support
  • RMSD has minor modifications for C++ support
  • OpenSubdiv is built with Ptex and TBB support only. Other backends, such as OpenCL, are not included.
  • All binary OSX libraries are built with OSX's Clang variant (Apple LLVM 5.1 or greater) using libc++.
  • All binary Windows libraries are built using /MT with Visual Studio 2013, except for OpenVDB, which is build using /MT with Visual Studio 2012. OpenVDB will be updated soon.
  • All binary libraries on all platforms are built for x86-64
  • Licenses for each library are included in each library's include/ directory