BetaJS Mock File Server for Testing
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mock-file-server 0.1.16

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BetaJS Mock File Server for Testing

Getting Started

This a mock file server for testing uploading and retrieving files.

Files are stored in the memory of the server for a short time and are then removed.

npm install mock-file-server

You can then run the server as follows:

node node_modules/mock-file-server/server.js

You can also run it as a grunt task.

Basic Usage

The server creates the following endpoints:

  • GET /files/:filename/size: returns the size of an uploaded file as json{"size": size}`
  • GET /files/:filename: returns an uploaded file as binary stream
  • POST /files/:filename: stores an uploaded single file with field name file
  • POST /chunk/:filename: stores a single chunk with field name file with the chunk number being present in the request body
  • POST /assemble/:filename: assembles a chunked file, checking the total size with the total size being present in the request body


Resource URL
Git git://


Target Versions
NodeJS 0.10 - Latest

Main Contributors

  • Oliver Friedmann