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$.getImageData: Node.js server

This is an implementation of the Google App Engine server using Node.js. For information about how the server works, please look at the source code because it is well commented.



Firstly, you will need node.js which you can get here.

As a dependency to the gm module, you will need to install GraphicsMagick which you can do with the following command (it requires homebrew) on OS X:

brew install graphicsmagick

To download the server, you can run this command:

git clone git://github.com/betamax/getImageData.git

Note: this will download all the files from the project. Alternatively, you can download the project from github using the download button.

To install the dependencies of the project run:

npm install

That should be all you need to do to get the server running.

Running the server

To run the server, in a terminal window navigate to the location of the server and then run:

node server.js

This will run the server on port 3000. The URL of the server will be or if you are running the server on a remote server then it will be http://[server_ip]:3000/.

Hooking it up to $.getImageData

Using $.getImageData all you need to do to connect it to the node server is change the server parameter when initialising the plugin like so:

  url: "http://www.google.co.uk/images/logos/ps_logo2.png",
  server: ""
  success: callback(image){




  • Removed node_modules from git and created package.json to handle them instead
  • Updated server code so that it runs with latest dependencies


  • Created the server and this documentation