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  • Response.getBody is doing inconsistent things between various impls if there is no body

Code smells

  • Is there a way we can write to some kind of response delegator that does appropriate filtering & sends data to multiple delegates? Too much copying shit around going on.

Implementation selection

  • The HttpHandlerChain should only be constructed in one place as it is (I think) always the same. If Recorder class is tidied up it should probably be done in there.

Public API

  • Recorder and ProxyServer should be merged
  • JUnit Rule implementation should be moved out of Recorder into its own class
  • Rule should be able to look up active Betamax impl based on classpath or a provider concept like Guice or Dagger have


  • No Groovy
  • No Apache commons
  • Maybe Guice or Dagger if really justified


  • Port to Sass
  • Use Prism instead of Prettify
  • Cover use of @ClassRule
  • Links to all compatibility tests for examples of how to use with various clients.