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# βetamax [![Build Status](](
-A Groovy testing tool inspired by Ruby's [VCR][vcr]. Betamax can record and play back HTTP interactions made by your app
-so that your tests can run without any real HTTP traffic going to external URLs. The first time a test is run any HTTP
-traffic is recorded to a _tape_ and subsequent runs will play back the HTTP response without really connecting to the
-external endpoint.
+Betamax is a tool for mocking external HTTP resources such as web services and REST APIs in your tests. The project was inspired by the VCR library for Ruby.
-Tapes are stored to disk as [YAML][yaml] files and can be modified (or even created) by hand and committed to your project's
-source control repository so that other members of the team can use them when running tests. Different tests can use
-different tapes to simulate varying responses from external endpoints. Each tape can hold multiple request/response
-interactions but each must (currently) have a unique request method and URI.
+### Record
-An example tape file can be found [here][tape].
+Annotate your test with `@Betamax`. The first time it runs HTTP traffic is recorded to _tape_.
+### Playback
+Future test runs replay responses from _tape_. Insert different _tapes_ to stub different responses.
+### Customize
+Edit _tape_ files with a text editor, commit to source control, share with your team & use on continuous integration.
## Full documentation
Full documentation can be found on [Betamax's home page][home].
## Project status
-The current stable version of Betamax is 1.0 which is available from [Maven Central][maven].
+The current stable version of Betamax is 1.1 which is available from [Maven Central][maven].
+Add `'co.freeside:betamax:1.1'` as a test dependency to your [Gradle](, [Ivy](, [Grails]( or [Maven]( project (or anything that can use Maven repositories).
Development versions are available from [Sonatype][sonatype].

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