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Betamax is a tool for mocking external HTTP resources such as web services and REST APIs in your tests. The project was inspired by the [VCR]( library for Ruby.
+Betamax is written in [Groovy]( but is compatible with tests written using [JUnit]( or [Spock][spock] for applications written in any JVM language.
### Record
-Annotate your test with `@Betamax`. The first time it runs HTTP traffic is recorded to _tape_.
+Add a `@Rule Recorder` property to your test and annotate test methods with `@Betamax`. The first time the test runs any HTTP traffic is recorded to _tape_.
### Playback
-Future test runs replay responses from _tape_. Insert different _tapes_ to stub different responses.
+Future test runs replay responses from _tape_ without traffic going to the real target. No more 3rd party downtime or rate limits breaking your tests. You can even run your tests offline! Insert different _tapes_ to stub different responses.
### Customize
_Tapes_ are just [YAML]( files so you can edit them with a text editor, commit to source control, share with your team & use on continuous integration.
@@ -27,11 +29,6 @@ Development versions are available from [Sonatype][sonatype].
Please get in touch if you have any feedback. You can raise defects and feature requests via [GitHub issues][issues].
-## Usage
-To use Betamax you just need to annotate your JUnit test or [Spock][spock] specifications with `@Betamax(tape="tape name")`
-and include a `co.freeside.betamax.Recorder` Rule.

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