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A flexible jQuery plugin which offers rich text autocompletion, both from local and remote sources.
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Better Autocomplete jQuery plugin

This jQuery plugin can be attached to text input fields for autocompletion, using mouse and keyboard for selection. It can handle either a local source (e.g. an array of objects) or a remote resource (e.g. by polling an AJAX path which delivers JSON/XML data asynchronously).


  • jQuery 1.4+
  • A modern desktop web browser or Internet Explorer 7+

Actually, Better Autocomplete probably works fine for many mobile device web browsers as well, but for now they are not supported.

Demo and documentation

Try the demonstration and browse the documentation.


The most powerful ability of this plugin, compared to others, is that it is very flexible. There are settings and callbacks for almost every aspect of the plugin. The callbacks can be overridden easily by you to customize the behavior. Read documentation for details.

If there is one callback that will do you more good than anyone else, it is the select callback. For sample implementations, check examples directory.

Building instructions

It works perfectly fine to use the contents of the src directory as is, but it is also possible to generate a minified version of the JavaScript file (using Google Closure Compiler).

To generate minified code you need curl in your PATH and an internet connection.

To generate documentation you need to download and configure JsDoc Toolkit so that you have in your PATH.

Then just run ./make in the Better Autocomplete root directory. This will create the directories build and docs.

Author and license

Better Autocomplete, Copyright 2011, Didrik Nordström

Dual licensed under the MIT or GPL Version 2 licenses.

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