The classical Snake game in an object oriented JavaScript environment
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Snake JS

Snake JS is a one player simple 2D-game written purely in JavaScript (without any frameworks). It is playable in modern web browsers. It is inspired by the classical video game Snake which could be played on some Nokia cell phones from the 90's. It uses the HTML5 canvas element for rendering.


Play the game on my personal website. There is also a highscore feature there.


To play the game, just open <example.html> in your favourite modern gecko- or webkit-based web browser like Firefox, Safari or Chrome.

If you want to include the game on your own site, follow these steps:

First make sure to include <snake-js.js> in the <head> section of the HTML file:

<script src="path/to/snake-js.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

Then create an element for the game somewhere in the HTML <body> section:

<div id="parent"></div>

Since you need access to the DOM-tree you may want to create an event triggered function in your JavaScript code. Put it in the head of your document or in a separate JavaScript file, but include or reference it after you reference <snake-js.js>:

<script type="text/javascript">

document.addEventListener("DOMContentLoaded", function() {
	var parentElement = document.getElementById("parent");
	var game = new SnakeJS(parentElement);
}, true);


In this function, first retrieve the parent element (this is where the game will be rendered) as a DOM element. Then create the SnakeJS object and pass the parent element to the constructor.

Check <example.html> for a sample implementation of the game. It also contains some information about changing game settings and how to use Snake JS properly with jQuery.

Oh, and please put a link to the github project if you make it pulic.


This purpose of Snake JS is (in this order)

  1. to explore, discuss and practise good OOP design in a simple and naked JavaScript-based environment,
  2. to adapt new web techniques, like the HTML5 canvas element
  3. to create an extremely entertaining game.

The purpose is not to make the game cross-browser compatible. Hacks and inconsistensies are only applied when absolutely necessary.

Currently Snake JS does not work on Internet Explorer. This is because IE is a non-standards compliant browser which does not support things like DOMObject.addEventListener(). IE is like a spoiled child, and I refuse to treat it differently. Partly because I don't want to bloat the code or use extrenal libraries and partly because I just don't feel for it.

Author and License

Originally Snake JS is written by Didrik Nordström. It is MIT licensed. Make sure to follow the project on github.